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BBC TV NEWS reported on Sunday 24th April there had been scores of reports from the public of water bikes harassing dolphins in Durlston Bay. The item even showed video taken by the public.

Is it not time for a Bi Law prohibiting these noisy obnoxious machines from launching from supposedly family friendly Swanage and Purbeck waters altogether ?


BBC TV NEWS; 24 April 2011 updated at 13:04
Warning after dolphins 'harassed' off Swanage coast
Jet-skiers were warned after a pod of dolphins was "harassed" while swimming off the Dorset coast.
The dolphins were in Durlston Bay, Swanage, on Saturday afternoon when jet-skis and power boats were spotted chasing them to catch a glimpse.
It was feared they could have been injured by propellers due to the large number of vessels out at sea during the hot weather.
HM Coastguard warned it was an offence to harass marine animals.
The dolphins were later spotted off Ballard Down.
Dorset Marine Police was also called to the scene.

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I had the good fortune to be onboard one of the passenger boats travelling back from Poole on Good Friday afternoon and we were treated to a fabulous display by a pod of dolphins jumping and playing out by old harry rocks.

There were a number of boats and jetskis in the area but from what I saw they were all keeping a respectable distance and none were chasing or harrassing the animals. In fact the dolphins seemed to love being around the boats and kept coing right up to them and almost trying to play with them - it must have been very difficult for the captains trying to keep back when the dolphins were coming up to the boats.
We watched them for about 20 minutes and eventually they swam away - it was certainly a treat to watch.