Monday, April 04, 2011

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Anonymous said...

No comments. Everything is fine in Swanage! Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Ref 12:27 .... Well not quite ?

On returning this afternoon (Friday) over The Ferry I was shocked to learn the fare had gone up by 30p to £3.50, for a car! I understood increases had to be approved by Department of Transport and an open meeting was held.
They may as well build a 'Berlin Wall' around Purbeck.

Cap't Birdseye said...

I haven't paid to use the ferry since Christmas, but I seem to recall a fee increase was on the cards back then. Not so long ago it was 180p to cross. I am sure some good Swanage folk will remember them good ol' days when it cost just 2 bob - but I hear you had to man them oars back then!!

Not all is lost, mateys:

You can buy a book of ten tickets for a discounted price - these came to 265p per ticket, a considerable savings - unless that has risen as well which wouldn't surprise this old codger. Just ask the man in the toll booth and pay by cash (cheque too, but no credit/debit cards) and he will keep one ticket and you go on yer way - I hope with a bit of a smile on yer face!

Anonymous said...

2.00 am:

This isn't the only rogue trader firm out there:

Caveat emptor!

Anonymous said...

You and Yours - Friday 8 April

Anonymous said...

Another holiday period and once again we are faced with empty shelves in the Co-op. Is this going to be another summer without fruit and vegetables? As a loyal customer my patience is wearing thin. Suddenly home delivery by other supermarkets that don't trade in Swanage seems very appealing.

Anonymous said...

Recording Your Local Butterflies

Bill Shreeves, Records Officer for Dorset Butterfly, will be giving a talk about how to record butterflies at Herston Hall, 7pm on Saturday 16th April. Entrance £1

Did you know that 34 species of butterflies that are to be found in Dorset are present in and around Swanage? thats 74% of the Counties species!

Anonymous said...

Police Gazette?

Anyone else think that the online Purbeck Gazette is turning into a police website?

Anonymous said...

What is the point of having double yellow lines in Swanage when the disabled badge brigade just park anywhere?
I just watched a family of seven stride off from their camper van parked on High Street. Who gives these badges out?
There soon wont be any space for the genuinely disabled to use.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

BBC TV NEWS reported on Sunday 24th April there had been scores of reports from the public of water bikes harassing dolphins in Durlston Bay. The item even showed video taken by the public.

Is it not time for a Bi Law prohibiting these noisy obnoxious machines from launching from supposedly family friendly Swanage and Purbeck waters altogether ?


BBC TV NEWS; 24 April 2011 updated at 13:04
Warning after dolphins 'harassed' off Swanage coast
Jet-skiers were warned after a pod of dolphins was "harassed" while swimming off the Dorset coast.
The dolphins were in Durlston Bay, Swanage, on Saturday afternoon when jet-skis and power boats were spotted chasing them to catch a glimpse.
It was feared they could have been injured by propellers due to the large number of vessels out at sea during the hot weather.
HM Coastguard warned it was an offence to harass marine animals.
The dolphins were later spotted off Ballard Down.
Dorset Marine Police was also called to the scene.

Anonymous said...


'I see that herston field has been ploughed up for the first time in years. That'll help the local butterfly population.
It'll be interesting to see what crop is laid or if this was a political act.'

28/4/11 7.03 AM

The Scott Estate 'ordered' the farmer at Coombe Farm to plough up the field. Draw your own conclusions.

David Furmage said...

Sewage alerts from Wessex Water.

Taken from the Surfers Against Sewage website. Did not know Wessex water were part of this campaign.



At the start of the bathing season, May the 15th, we’re proud to be launching a new real time sewage warning system that will tell you exactly when sewage is being discharged into the sea at key locations around the UK. We have developed an online map that will automatically update you in real-time with information on combined sewer overflow (CSO) spills at surf spots. You’ll even be able to sign up for free text messages alerting you to sewage spills at some of our nation’s best beaches. This will give you the real-time water quality information to help protect yourself, your family and friends from any potential health risks associated with exposure to raw sewage.

SAS has been exposing sewers discharging raw sewage onto the UK’s coastline for years. In recent times, SAS has elevated this issue to the front pages of national newspapers, onto prime time national current affairs TV programmes and highlighted it to Government ministers.

True to SAS’s campaign ethos, we’ve always highlighted the problem whilst consistently promoting the solutions. The real-time CSO warning system is just that, part of the solution, giving you reasonable and adequate information, allowing you to make a more informed decision to avoid any short-term pollution incidents arising from the CSO’s that impact on your favourite beaches, bathing waters or surf spots.

We have targeted the water industry tirelessly on this issue, persuading them of the importance of sharing sewage discharge information in real time. This year, there will be between 40 and 60 beaches, represented by 4 water companies, participating in the scheme, and by 2015, we aim to have all of our important, affected beaches around the UK signed up. We’d like to thank South West Water, Southern Water, Welsh Water and Wessex Water for sharing this information on a voluntary basis and for their commitment to the project. We are looking to expand around the entire UK so watch this space and, in the meantime, check out the map at

Andy Cummins, SAS Campaign Director says: “This is great news for beach users. Finally we are being told about sewage discharges as they happen, allowing us to make informed decisions about how and when we use the sea.”

Anonymous said...

I see the Town Council has a new website at long last, at first glance it looks better than the old one but then just about anything would!

Baggy said...

Four In A Bed - tv programme featured Swanage!

Last week's programme featured four B & Bs - including the Robertsbrook Guesthouse in Swanage.

Great programme - catch it again on 4oD -

Baggy said...

Purbeck! Mag

When's the next one out - early September?