Saturday, April 16, 2011

NHS in Purbeck: meeting Thurs 12 May

NHS Dorset and the Purbeck Health Network Group invite you to

Have your say

Thursday 12 May

Swanage Bay Caravan Park
Panorama Road
BH19 2QS

Between 2 and 4pm

Refreshments will be available from 1.30pm

Questions can be taken on the day or submitted in advance
For more information call 01305 368900 or email


The Postman said...

So, another meeting that only non-working people can attend. What kind of consultation is that?

Reece de Ville said...

I agree. Pointless. So the only view they're interested in are those aren't working and pensioners?

Anonymous said...

The Council Meetings are the same. Durring the day so voters and other working people can't find out what's being done in their name

Anonymous said...

Are we able to request an evening meeting too.

Anonymous said...

In light of the paper published in the British Medical Journal, see;

Firstly, as someone who has suffered both physically and financially because of the NHS forcing Statins onto patients who then suffered serious side effects resulting in life time disablement, (some even resulting in death), is the NHS going to take responsibility for their misfeasance and compensate the victims ?

Secondly, will the DHS sequestrate the commissions paid by the pharmaceutical companies to General Practitioners for prescribing their particular brand of Statin?

Thirdly, I would like to know what compensation is to be given to victims and when, or will it be like the thalidomide victims who were kept waiting decades for compensation ?

Robert Owen.
See you on the 12th.