Wednesday, February 01, 2012

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Robin from Swanage said...

Weekly Dustbin Collections

The Government has allocated a fund of £250 million for councils to apply for a weekly bin collection. Should Purbeck District Council apply for this?

Anonymous said...

Yes, and use the money for weekly collections in the Summer only.

David Furmage said...

Should we make cycling more safer in Dorset?

After reading the Times campaign which has been running for the last 2 days link below ;)

Should we be providing proper cycle lanes and spend money on bringing back cycle tests to all schools at an early age.?

Anonymous said...

I have dustbin collection twice a week. And no bin police check it. It is sorted into recyclables at the sorting site through automated machines.

Homer said...

Does anyone notice tha gradual reduction in local organised events? Last November, there didn't seem to be any official firework displays in Swanage, only the Greyhound at Corfe. I think there used to be events at Mountscar, Harrow House, Leeson House, Studland.

In the Carnival,

The greasypole,
The miller 'n' sweep,
Helicopter rides,
School sports days or, some events within them.

I'm assuming it is a combination of health and safety and ludicrous insurance quotes that has done for these events. If this process continues though, which presumably it will, then eventually, there will be no major local events. The same thing must be taking place around the country. I've heard it said that using lorries as carnival floats may be under threat.

I can understand the reasoning in one or two cases. I recall at one of the final greasy poles, a team that collapsed with alarming suddenness and speed. I think they were okay but, a broken neck or back could easily have ensued. What though was the problem with the miller and sweep? Presumably only swimmers were allowed to take part and, the lifeboat was only yards away, just in case.

Any other organised events that have been quietly dropped, in the hope that we wouldn't notice?

Anonymous said...

Purbeck School

Now that our kiddies are to be sent more than eight miles for their GCSE education at The Purbeck School from junior school, would anyone like to comment on the fact that Purbeck came lowest in the Soutkwest for the percentage of Pupils who gained 5 A*-C in English and Maths?

Anonymous said...

The last posting is simply untrue. If its author had taken the trouble to check they would have found a number in each LEA that are lower. Anyway, lets see what the stastics may be telling us.

We should start by taking a look at the A level table which shows Purbeck among the best for points per student which is what matters for UCAS purposes.

There are a number of reasons for the low GCSE score. One is reputation. Once a school has a poor reputation recruiting students whose parents are sufficiently motivated to compare schools becomes difficult and there is a downward spiral.

Secomdly it is evident that the schools further west in the county which do not have to compete with the grammars are doing well. Poole and Parkstone cream off a lot of talent from here. Travelling 20 miles does not deter a bus load each day showing that distance has absolutely no relevance.

Thirdly the figures are for each student entered for GCSE. Some schools will not enter students they expect to do badly and so inflate their average score. A school which lets everyone do GCSEs is at a disadvantage. The difference between the GCSE and A level scores suggests this factor is at work here.

Robin from Swanage said...

Blue Pool Halt

Should the Swanage Railway build a halt where the Railway Line crosses footpath 13 400 yards from the Blue Pool?

Anonymous said...

Blue Pool Halt

Should the Swanage Railway build a halt where the Railway Line crosses footpath 13 400 yards from the Blue Pool?

No. It should focus its resources on linking to the main line.

Robin from Swanage said...

Health and Safety and Insurance

Insurance costs do create a barrier for organising events. For a model railway exhibition at the Catholic Hall the insurance costs more than hiring the hall. The risks are minimal and the insurance companies exclude the most likely risks. At an exhibition in Broadstone the event broke even but would have made a modest profit if the insurance had been cheaper. Perhaps the way ahead is for the Council to organise global public liability cover to which event organisers make a contribution.

Charlie the bikemonger said...

Don't park on the verge.

Today I was amazed to see over 20 "NO PARKING ON VERGE" signs along the road that is opposite swanage middle school running alongside the high street.

Over 20 signs? Some of these are less than a car length apart.

How much did this cost?
Why over 20 signs?
Why not build a few laybys and address the parking issue
If its to stop damage to the grass, you should see the damage done by the post installers.

They are an eyesore and excessive, surely someone has got something wrong.

SillyWhim said...

Ask the Head Teacher of the Middle School. Or visit that area when school is letting out, and see the mayhem.

Why can't kids walk home? We used to. And the boogeyman didn't take us away. Had he tried, we would have kicked him to another county.

Kids today. And parents.....

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Sally Maltby said...

New Information centre at Peveril Point.
Coastwatch have organised a new permanent exhibition in the buildings around and below the Lookout at Peveril Point.
They hope that everyone will enjoy the huge amount of information and worksheets and that it may lead to donation revenue!

mike ribeiro said...

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Artist Geoff Francis said...

Saatchi-Shortlisted artist's home Open Weekend for charity

An award-winning artist’s home in Swanage, which has been scheduled to be featured in the Sunday Times under the title ‘When a House Becomes Art', will be open for public viewing during two Open Days in January to raise funds for environmental charity No More Dodos. 

Swanage based writer, poet, lyricist, Saatchi shortlisted artist, film maker and award winning photographer Geoff Francis has provided the overall vision for updating his Edwardian town-house, to which his wife and manager Jaclyn then contributed. The 5 bedroom house is the place which Geoff feels has allowed him the most complete expression of himself as an artist. He is particularly fond of the Mondrian-inspired garden cloakroom. It is both quirky, functional ... and a haven for the man in the family.

So many people have said how fascinated they are by Geoff's art, his take on interior design, and by these unique Edwardian town houses, that Geoff and Jaclyn are holding an Open House on Saturday 16th January and Sunday 17th January 2016 11am-3pm in aid of the conservation charity No More Dodos. There is a suggested minimum donation of £3 to No More Dodos to view the house and art, plus a complimentary glass of wine. 

Visitors love what Geoff has done, and spend as much time examining the art and furniture as the house. There is no such thing as a short visit!  Many of the items will be for sale, with proceeds going towards No More Dodos. As a matter of interest, the house itself is also for sale (for details see Rightmove).

Geoff has had a long term commitment to environmental and animal causes. In 1972 he set up and ran Friends of the Earth's first paper recycling scheme. In the 80's he founded the Animaline charity for Linda McCartney, Carla Lane and Rita Tushingham. In the 90's he helped establish Hillside Animal Sanctuary, which has gone on to become the largest in the country.

Now Geoff, Harley Street psychotherapist Jaclyn, and Dr Peter Finlay, scientist and computer forensic expert, have set up their own environmental charity called No More Dodos, with the aim of raising awareness of threatened species and habitats, and encouraging people to take practical steps to help. 

OPEN DAY 243 High Street, Swanage BH19 2NG 16-17th January 2016 11am-3pm. 
More details or 01929 421632