Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Walking Festival April 29th – May 6th

Britain has been gripped by Winter, but in Dorset's Isle of Purbeck, Spring has Sprung say Walking Festival organisers.

As Britain has been gripped by snow and icy temperatures in recent weeks, the beautiful Isle of Purbeck in the heart of the Dorset's Jurassic Coast has been sheltered from the extreme conditions, with days of clear blue skies perfect for winter walking. The area in January, even boasted the earliest sightings of adders in U.K.

Andy Pedrick organiser of the Swanage and Purbeck Walking Festival, is delighted.
“ We are very lucky in this part of the UK to be relatively sheltered, and often get weather from the Coast of France. It means residents and visitors get to explore some UK’s most beautiful Coast and countryside all year round, in relative comfort and safety.”

The Walking festival now in it's third year, is set to be the best ever, sponsored by beloved outdoor retailer Oswald Bailey, there is a packed programme of special interest events such as art, local history, archaeology and photography.

Andy says:

The festival has grown enormously, the idea being that we cater for all tastes and fitness abilities. There is such a diverse range of activities and attractions in the area, such as the historic National properties such as Corfe Castle, or protected wildlife areas such as the the RSPB nature reserve at Arne, that we can provide something for everyone. We are particularly pleased this year to be able offer photography walks and tuition. We have some of the UK’s rarest species, and those taking part can expect to encounter Sikka deer, a variety of sea birds such as puffin, as well as the potential for sighting of dolphin, minke whale etc. Late April can bring very warm temperatures here, enough to encourage some to take their first dip in the sea!

As the heating blasts away and we struggle into thick coats and thermals, thoughts of walks in Purbeck's Spring flowered filled meadows, would appear the perfect antidote. For perfect spring walking wear visit Oswald Bailey www.oswaldbailey.co.uk
The Swanage and Purbeck Walking festival runs from April 29th – May 6th.
To book accommodation, and find full information of the festival programme, visit www.walkswanage.com Walks can be booked in advance, and hotel owners and festival organisers will help plan your itinerary.


Anonymous said...

Just out of interest why is it sponsored by a national outdoor chain when there is one locally in Swanage ?

David Furmage said...

3 years running and not one local sponsor. That's is disgraceful;) why is this ?

Robin from Swanage said...

Walking is very good for your health. There are many excellent walks in Purbeck with scenery varying from the sandy heathland near Studland to the chalk cliffs by the Old Harry Rocks and the limestone cliffs at Swanage. If you want to go on organised walks all the year round the Swanage Walking Group arranges walks throughout the whole year. For futher information see Spotlight and Your Pictures in the March Gazette.

Anonymous said...

Quite sensible to have a national sponsor - they can promote Swanage to a wider audience

Anonymous said...

How does it promote Swanage to a wider audience ?

I looked at Oswald Baileys website and their Facebook site and there was not a single mention on the festival. In fact the latest post on the Facebook site stated that the Bournemouth shop had closed. Hardly and endorsement for the area .

I also notice on the walking festival website that the Swanage & Purbeck Hospitality Association are linked. Surely they would want to support local businesses rather than national chains ?

Anonymous said...

As a regular visitor to Swanage I know that there are fantastic shops in the area that cater for walkers. I think it is so important that local businesses are supported.

David Furmage said...

Of course it is , we spend money in town , it's goes around the town . So it stays in town. It's helps us all the more we help local buisness the better. And plus these big businesses are going under anyway:) so shop locally I say:)