Thursday, March 01, 2012

Celtic Dream: Mowlem 8th March

Celtic Dream is one of the most original and authentic shows in the world. Embodying the true spirit of the Emerald Isle, this show is a breathtaking myriad of brilliant choreography, phenomenal vocals, astounding musicianship and glittering costumes. With a selection of the finest dancers, vocalists and musicians from around Ireland, Celtic Dream takes audiences along a breath taking journey of music, song and dance with a kaleidoscope of colour against a backdrop of highly infectious, powerful and spirit invoking music. Celtic Dream will leave you mesmerised and wanting more and more of the ultimate Irish experience. (From their website)

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Reece de Ville said...

How about writing 'The Mowlem is proud to announce....' etc. Maybe a note about 'and we'd love to see all our friends in Swanage at the show' etc etc. Don't just cut and paste the info - you're already incredibly formal and unwelcoming to the locals in Swanage, it'd be nice to think you really want people to come to see the show.

On that note, it seems tickets aren't available anymore. Is this a sell-out? Congratulations if so! Or is it another mystery cancelled show after the Queen tribute (surely a guaranteed sellout in an area like this)....

The PR for The Mowlem is already rock bottom - don't run it completely into the ground. The Rock-a-hula shows and the 50/50 club has proven great shows can be booked - and sold out - with a bit of hard work, good publicity and engaging the public.

The Comedy festival, re-vitalsing of The Legion as a great music venue and the Blues Festival have all been big hits - and The Mowlem could and should have been part of this.

Sitting back hoping that people will book just won't work - you've a lot of hard work to do so why not get out into the community and get people smiling about the place again? Or you can choose to run it into the ground selfishly and ruin a venue that could be a wonderful legacy for the people of Swanage.