Friday, March 23, 2012

Swanage Area Senior Forum Weds 28 March

Swanage Area Senior Forum

at The Swanage Day Centre, High Street, SWANAGE


Ø The latest on the re-opening of the James Day Care Home
After frantic campaigning and a 3 year process DCC changed its mind and agreed to re-open the Home. There will be a report from Dorset County Council on the progress on the future of the James Day Care Home.

Ø Full update on the Swanage NHS Dentistry situation.
Petition complete, Richard Drax MP involved, what service will be available after April 1st?

Ø AGE UK new Memory Advisory Service
“Many only seek help once the condition has deteriorated, when the person with memory loss is often isolated and cut off from support previously provided by friends and neighbours.

Ø From our last meeting: What is the situation regarding cancer drugs?
Who funds? Who decides? How will it change with the new NHS structure…

This meeting is open to ALL Swanage residents.

So please come along and be sure of a warm welcome, with refreshments:

Tel: 07825 206055 or 01929 426127 for more details

Remember our Hopper Bus!

We can pick you up and return you home. You can arrange this by telephoning Mo on 07825 206055.

Trevor Ayling, Chairman

and the Swanage Area Forum Committee


Anonymous said...

The Senior Forum will take place on the 8th of March?

Is this 'Back to the Future'.

Oh well, this error has been up for two days with no mention. I guess I am alone in reading this blog!

Anonymous said...

Any reports on the issues discussed?