Friday, March 30, 2012

The Swanage School

I hear that PDC have approved the planning application for the new school in Northbrook Road.

Outline Planning Application - Demolition of existing house. Outline application for a residential development of up to 52 units (50/50 mix market and affordable housing) with access via Northbrook Road. Change of use of former school from C2 (Residential Institutions) to D1 (Non Residential Institution). This will involve the demolition of existing extension, portable buildings and hut, combined with a new single storey and two storey extension and sports hall. Create new access to Northbrook Road and move existing access.


Application visuals:


Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are on schedule.

Now looking forward to the appointment of a Principal, and a Governing Body, so that policy documents can be formulated.

Once they get to work, the school will come to life. Buildings are a first step, but do not in themselves make a school. Parents are eager to learn more!

Education Swanage said...

Thank you, yes securing the site is an important part of the work we have been doing but only one part.

A list of governors is available on the website. The chair is Paul Angel and the vice-chair is Helen O'Connor. Education Swanage is the community cooperative behind the school and we set up the governance structure a year ago. Once the school is open there'll be staff and parent governors too. As well as the Premises sub-committee we have committees for Finance, Curriculum, People, and Communication & Community Engagement. Vision and Ethos is the responsibility of the whole group.

The draft admissions policy is online and all the rest are well underway, covering teaching, safeguarding, behaviour, uniform, SEN and so on. Some things will wait until the senior staff are appointed. We begin recruiting the Principal after Easter and he or she will be appointed by September, ready to work full-time on the project from January.

If you have questions do come along to one of the events. There's a drop-in at Herston Hall on 19 April at 2-4pm and a meeting at the Mowlem on 25 April at 7pm.

Best wishes, Carl

Anonymous said...

Take note readers this is 52 houses given outline planning permission outside the settlement boundary.

Anonymous said...

So? We need new housing in Swanage. If we get a school out of the deal (and a building that is falling into disrepair is saved) then it is a compromise worth having.

Anonymous said...

We just need to watch that the 52 homes don't become 152 outside the boundary due to development creep and sprawl. Not uncommon once an 'exception' has been granted. Local people beware!

The web site for the school looks fantastic. It will have a lot to live up to in order to match the aspirations there. No reason why not however - Swanage should be able to attract and retain the best staff for the school.

Anonymous said...

'Attract and retain the best staff...'

Yes, indeed, that would be true IF local housing prices matched the ability of good teachers to move into the town.

With low cost housing already under terrific demand, many attracted to the area would have to rent or rely on a second income partner.

So, will any of these new homes be made available to staff at an affordable price if that potential member of staff were desired? Or will the school have any scope to assist the removal to Swanage of any new staff deemed essential to the success of the school?

I expect Swanage has already a number of youthful, recently retired and excellent teachers, but whether they would want to apply is another question. One would expect that a number of staff at the middle school will be interested in the younger years, but will they be qualified to teach the older years?

Interesting times ahead for the not-as-yet appointed Principal. He/she will need as much time as is possible!

The Postman said...

Anonymous said...

In the interests of democracy and open debate, could you please post the link to this website which explores some of the issues around the Swanage (free) School.
It saddens me that Education Swanage have chosen to ban membersfrom their facebook group who raise some very pertinent questions. If parents are to make a vital decision about their child's education, questions should be raised and openly debated.
There are two alternative facebook groups running now. What ever your preference, it's always wise, I feel, to explore both sides of any argument. It seems anyone can join in at Education Swanage - Free Discussion on Facebook. If you're interested, there's some useful information on The Parents For The Purbeck School Facebook group too.
Please let us have an open and frank sharing of opinion and not try to hide issues that will have far reaching consequences for all of our children under the carpet.