Monday, March 05, 2012


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Was anyone else woken up at 0220 hours on Monday 5th March by an aircraft which sounded as if it was crashing, or a Focke' dive bombing? The aircraft seemed to be going round and round over Swanage for at least 20 minutes.
Naturally there was also the usual 0505 & 0525 ‘planes climbing away from Bournemouth Airport.


Anonymous said...

The one of two nights a week when we’re not waken up by boy racers’ from the clubs’ at around 0300 we get boy pilots making as much noise.

A visit to shows that there were two aircraft one from overhead Bovington at 0125 which came down to Poole Sandbanks at 1,250 feet.
This aircraft was joined, again from the NW by Flight ID REV401 at 3,110 feet at 0140 which then proceeded to fly 6 minute, left handed ‘race track’ patterns between the Ferry and Swanage doing simulated engine failures until he/they left to the North East at 0240 hours. (I say ‘they’ because there are probably several students who take turns in the left seat).

Just getting off back to sleep and the daily ‘Tax Evasion Flights’ leave from Bournemouth at 0502 & 0520, call sign GLOFE & GBTPF for the Channel Islands routing right over Swanage. They carry ‘the mail’ i.e. invoices, contracts and bank documents for signing by puppet directors in the Jersey etc.

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I've sent in a complaint, again, to the CAA, (Hurn don't want to know). Go to:-

Anonymous said...

In reply to my complaint to The Civil Aviation Authority, the CAA reply claim that the aircraft REV401 was a survey flight operated by RVL Group.
They say; "the aircraft REV401 flew from Nottingham East Midlands Airport to conduct surveys over Swansea, Poole and Sheffield: RVL Group, RVL House, Building 21, East Midlands Airport, DE74 2SA; .
I can’t help but think it is to do with the Wind Farm!

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You lot need to get a life.

The Greek said...

Seriously, you really all do need to get a life. Aircraft noise?!? Who cares! Have you nothing better to do with your lives?! So sad