Thursday, March 22, 2012

Work opportunities for creative young people

The Creative Pioneers Challenge is a nationwide search for digital natives and creative entrepreneurs.

They're offering up to 300 people in the UK the opportunity to find work in the creative industries. Opportunities available include apprenticeships and internships, being offered by 100 creative and digital media businesses. If you are ready to start your own business instead, they want to put you in touch with the people who can help make your business fly.

Most opportunities are in London or other regional centres.


Robin from Swanage said...

I do not think people in Swanage will benefit by this because the centres are a long way from here. I am not sure whether older people are excluded from this scheme. If people already have skills in digital media it will be useful to develop these skills into a career.
I would like to see Swanage develop into a centre of learning like Oxford and Cambridge but with more emphasis on vocational skills.
(2nd attempt at proving I am not a robot)

Reece de Ville said...

Well, we're always targeting the elderly in Swanage or those above 50 in any rate. Nothing is done to promote those below that age so I welcome anything that gives younger people a kick up the arse to go and succeed.

We don't tell our 'youth' how great they are in Swanage, merely post how annoyed we are with them hanging around the Mowlem or drinking in the street. Well, if we actually thought about providing entertainment, great places to go, work etc etc - perhaps they would be a little happier. Add to that the buses are so hideously expensive and operate at such early times back from Bournemouth/Poole etc, they feel stuck in Swanage.

Swanage will never develop into a centre like Oxford and Cambridge as it's run by those who are more interested in dog poo, bins, camper vans, shouting at tourists and discussing anti-social behaviour. No-one is willing to invest in fibre optic, supporting new businesses, working from home, re-training. What future for kids here?

The impression you get is of a place where change is forbidden or hushly discussed and anyone with a new idea is immediately met with hostility. Do you really think this is an environment to foster excellence? Oxford and Cambridge are desirable places to live that foster and care for their students - about time we started looking after our own youngsters in Swanage.

Anonymous said...

Oxford and Cambridge universities were both founded by monks in search of somewhere quiet to do their monking and get away from whichever other monks they had fallen out with. I fear Swanage would be too lively for them.

As far as attracting students is concerned, rural isolation is not a problem. Lampeter is a smaller town than Wareham and does OK.

David Furmage said...

Could not agree more , we need to invest in things for youngsters to feel they are thought off. Though I think it's should also be down to their parents to kick them into touch aswell.

The Postman said...

This is a national initiative, open to people anywhere, though they may have to go where the opportunities are. Plenty of people have left Swanage and done great things; some may come back, some won't. But there is talent and ability in Swanage, just as there is anywhere else. They just have to get out and grab it.

Swanage Area Senior Forum said...

Sorry to post on this post, but is there a problem with New Posts ?

Anonymous said...

Yes its really important that we encourage, value and support our young. We also need to find a way of encouraging young families to move to Swanage. Even the retired like my mum and dad don't want to be completely surrounded by old people.

Instead of focussing on whats wrong, can we for a change focus on the great things that Swanage and its villages already have to offer. Loads of our kids have grown up here and value its specialness, they have moved away to university, but have returned, and have been able to earn a reasonable living and offer back something to the community in which they have grown up in. Can we begin to market Swanage as a place for young families to move to. What is sometimes disappointing is that people make life changes to move here because of its 'ruralness' and then try to find a million and one urban ways to change it. Can we celebrate Swanage for what it is, and protect what is special and build and improve on that.
Suggest starting a list:

Community sports hub
Community cafe, drop in and theatre
Affordable self build housing
Affordable rural start up business workshops

Anonymous said...

As a recent visitor to Swanage I thought the Mowlem was a little sad looking and under used. How about taking that on for the community cafe, drop inand theatre with a welcome to visitors too. It would inject much needed new life into it.
Presumably the trustees and council could arrange?

Anonymous said...

The thought that Swanage can be 'marketed' to young families seems rather far-fetched, which is a pity since it really is an idyllic place to raise a child.

But until work prospects with salaries to match the high property prices, this is unlikely to bear much fruit. Many will have to wait until their children are grown and on their own before they will be able to retire to Swanage.

And so the cycle repeats itself: they young move away; the middle age keep away but visit and dream; and the post-middle age move in. Thus it has always been, for Swanage, and most here are content with that. It is, in essence, a community first for retirees; second for tourists; third for young families.

'Sic transit gloria Swanage'

David Furmage said...

When really it should be the other way round , though I would go as far as too say locals first;)

Anonymous said...

1.06 is just being realistic, David.

Anonymous said...

Not realistic, pessimistic.

Most of the children in my children's classes are from families who have moved here or moved back here for the better quality of life. Why wait until you're retired? Lots of parents have their own businesses or can work from home much of the week.

House prices are actually quite low when you've sold one elsewhere. Locals have to move away, get a good career and house and then move back. You have to work your way up the property ladder, not expect a house straight off.

Plenty have done it. It's not a situation unique to Swanage, it happens in every town.