Friday, March 09, 2012

Mothering Sunday with The National Trust at Corfe Castle

Mothering Sunday with The National Trust at Corfe Castle

Because all mums are heroes, treat your mum to a meeting with a heroic mother from history this year.

Lady Bankes Mothering Sunday at Corfe Castle features costumed talks by Lady Mary Bankes – a 17th century mum who became a heroine of the English Civil War.

Brave Dame Mary, as she became known, defended Corfe Castle during two sieges by Roundhead forces before it eventually fell to treachery.

But she was also mother to 14 children, and the talks focus on the fascinating details of her family life.

Research by National Trust volunteer Elizabeth Baker has uncovered a wealth of personal information on Lady Mary and her children.

· Eldest daughter Alice wrote a book on household management called Ladie Borlase’s Receipts Booke which includes a recipe for ‘snaile water’ – including real snails!
· Son Ralph is remembered for building Kingston Lacy house, near Wimborne, which is also looked after by The National Trust.
· One of Lady Mary’s followers was paid £200 pounds to open the gates for Roundhead troops and force her to surrender. She was given 10 days to leave with the two daughters then living with her, four servants and whatever she could fit into her carriage.

Corfe Castle is open 10am-5pm. Talks are free and take place throughout the day – normal admission charges apply.

Lady Bankes Mothering Sunday also features a free themed family-friendly activity trail with a prize on completion and Lady Bankes Teas.


Anonymous said...

Why Barmy Lady Bankes took it into her sweet head to extend the civil war to Corfe remains a mystery. The castle had absolutely no strategic importance as is evidenced by the reluctance of both sides to intervene until it was a matter of mopping up operations towards the end of the war. There has been a vast amount of mythologising about her antics but the fact is the place was not worth the bones of a grenadier, to borrow a somewhat later phrase.

Anonymous said...

Hardly sums up a thousand years of history as a royal palace and fortress ! Still a great family day out.

Robin from Swanage said...

Very good marketing by National Trust. I bet lots of mums will be treated to meals at the NT tea shop which is the best place to eat in Corfe Castle.