Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sculpture talk and demo 22 March, Harmans Cross


Robin from Swanage said...

Carlotta Barrow does some excellent sculptures of birds, figures and other items like birdbaths. Does anyone remember the chap who used to sell Purbeck stone birdbaths from a hut by Swanage station? The new Harmans Cross village hall is a good venue for talks. Lots of people come to the Purbeck Railway Circle's talks. Our model railway club had problems there because the village hall committee were worried about the layout legs scratching the floor and us leaving crumbs in the kitchen but perhaps they are more relaxed now the hall has been in use for a few years. I think members of the public should be allowed to use their toilets. I let a woman in against the rules when I was helping with an event there. They seem to go over the top about protecting the hall.

Anonymous said...

Sculture talk?

You're taking the P!