Monday, March 19, 2012

The Swanage School: consultation

All schools hold a statutory consultation before they open and that for the new school runs from today until 10 May. Education Swanage want as many people as possible to give their opinions on the plans.

They'll be holding several drop-ins in the next few weeks at Ulwell, Langton and Herston, as well as a meeting at the Mowlem on Wed 25 April at 7pm. They look forward to seeing you.

They are also having leaflets delivered to local addresses with the Advertiser next week and the Dubber shortly after. They contain a survey which you can return by post or at an event. You can also fill in the survey on the website at


Anonymous said...

The website appears to be down.

Anonymous said...

Website still down.

Is this school really happening, or is it just a hobby? Managing websites is really quite simple. This is not a way to make friends and garner support.

To whoever manages it: if it is being updated, it is simple to have a page linked to the URL which makes that plain, and advises when to come back.


Anonymous said...

The website is not down and has not been down as far as we are aware. You can use or

Anonymous said...

Both addresses come up with a site called which says that this domain is registered with them.

Is your site correctly linked to this?

This underlying WHOIS says that your servers are

Are they properly linked to the site you have created? You might want to check this. The domain is registered and up to date. Your webpage is not being linked to it.

Seeview said...

I've followed the link with Yahoo search and found it without any problem.Also cut and pasted it into address bar and went straight to site.

I think the problems with your search engine not the link or the site.

Paul Angel said...

Hi B,

Sorry to hear you're having problems finding the site. It could be that there was a momentary problem with the view of the site through your ISP during nameserver transfer and you happened to hit upon a holding page.

Try clearing your cache and then going to and if you have any further problems let us know by emailing me at

I've been building and managing websites for 15 years now, but I always welcome constructive criticism!


Anonymous said...

This new school. What's sports facilities will it have and will any be open to the public a la Purbeck School?

Anonymous said...

The school will have its own full-size sports hall - big enough for four badminton courts - and the plan is to have a couple of outside courts, for netball and hockey and five-a-side.

They'll be available for public use outside of school hours - we've already had a request to book Monday nights for netball.

Anonymous said...

What about football, rugby, cricket and athletics pitches?

Paul said...

We're working with the Town Council to make use of neighbouring sports pitches, so we'll be able to offer football, rugby, field hockey, athletics etc - all things which will help to improve facilities and access to a range of sports for the whole town as well as for the students at the school.

We want to make full use of the beach and bay too - something not many schools are able to make a regular part of their PE lessons and after school clubs!

Anonymous said...

Why not adapt SMS?

Or new build on its land?

Surely a better site.

Anonymous said...

St Mark's is being given the SMS site by DCC and I hear they are demolishing all the two-storey bits

Anonymous said...

It looks as though reorganisation to two tier education is going to cost a lot more than it saves.

sansom62 said...

Well, forget about costs.
It's really about education,
that is what counts.

David Furmage said...

News is Purbeck District Council have said the plans for the new school is to go ahead .

Well done Education Swanage , can't wait for this school now. Tis what we need to pick this town back up.