Monday, March 05, 2012

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Swanage Blues said...

Thank You to everybody who made the Swanage Blues Festival such a success.
There are comments at

Anonymous said...

Superfast Broadband

The Weymouth version of the Echo has a story on this at

How much of the £38 million will come this way remains to be seen, not much if the people running the scheme are as geographically challenged as Emma Walker the journalist who wrote the piece and says, "The areas of low connectivity include ... areas in North Dorset such as Purbeck."

Nickthefish said...

Posters there are already threads open on these subjects please post appropriately.

David Furmage said...

Path from Ballard to Whitecliff Farm

I and a few other people would love to know who has destroid this path going down to whitecliff farm. It's a nightmare to ride down and even harder to walk down. They have widened the path and put large rocks as gravel down. Well done to who ever done this:(

Swanage Area Senior Forum said...

James Day Care Home - latest news.

In December 2009 Care South cancelled their contract with Dorset County Council for the running of the James Day Care Home.

After much campaigning, DCC accepted arguments put forward by local people that re-opening as a care home was the preferred option.

After a 2 year process it seems there is light at the end of the James Day Care Home tunnel.

Although at the time of writing final paperwork hadn't yet been completed, Swanage Area Senior Forum are pleased to welcome to their March meeting Ms Raina Summerson, CEO of Agincare, who will be explaining their plans for the future of the home.

She will be joined by a representative of DCC.

The meeting will include an update on the NHS dentistry situation.

The meeting is open to all, irrespective of age, and there will be a warm welcome and refreshments.

Wednesday, 28th March, Swanage Day Care Centre, High Street, Swanage, 7pm start.

Robin from Swanage said...


Taking a dog on a 5 mile walk in the Isle of Purbeck is a good way of giving your pet some exercise. Normally styles have dog flaps that the owner can lift and these protect livestock. There are several styles near West Orchard Farm near Church Knowle. Most of the styles did not have dog flaps. One style with a dog flap had been dumped on a field next to the new style without a flap. The only style with a dog flap had an electrified fence behind it so when a labrador went through the flap it was electrocuted and frightened out of its wits. Should people be dicouraged from taking dogs for walks in the countryside?

Robin from Swanage said...


If a group has a surplus of funds should it make a gift to a charity or use the funds for the benefit of the members?

Swanage Area Senior Forum said...

Swanage Area Senior Forum

at The Swanage Day Centre, High Street, SWANAGE


Ø The latest on the re-opening of the James Day Care Home
After frantic campaigning and a 3 year process DCC changed its mind and agreed to re-open the Home. There will be a report from Dorset County Council on the progress on the future of the James Day Care Home.

Ø Full update on the Swanage NHS Dentistry situation.
Petition complete, Richard Drax MP involved, what service will be available after April 1st?

Ø AGE UK new Memory Advisory Service
“Many only seek help once the condition has deteriorated, when the person with memory loss is often isolated and cut off from support previously provided by friends and neighbours.

Ø From our last meeting: What is the situation regarding cancer drugs?
Who funds? Who decides? How will it change with the new NHS structure…

This meeting is open to ALL Swanage residents.

So please come along and be sure of a warm welcome, with refreshments:

Tel: 07825 206055 or 01929 426127 for more details

Remember our Hopper Bus!

We can pick you up and return you home. You can arrange this by telephoning Mo on 07825 206055.

Trevor Ayling, Chairman

and the Swanage Area Forum Committee

Robin from Swanage said...


Should anonymous posts be allowed on this blogspot? In my experience some anonymous posts have been more extreme, more poorly researched and less grammatically correct than those made by people who can easily be identified.

Anonymous said...

Swanage Pier has been voted best in the country!

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our energetic volunteers, trustees and supporters,SWANAGE has been chosen as PIER OF THE YEAR 2012 by the National Pier Society’s 650 members. We were runners up last year,this the first time we have won the award and marks our achievements in providing an "excellent visitor experience, keeping the pier in good condition and maintaining excellent websites."
No fewer than 22 different piers received nominations this year: BLACKPOOL NORTH (which recently changed hands) and CLEVEDON in North Somerset tied for second place.
Swanage has a pier to be proud of. Several of our volunteers have had to hang up their hats recently due to age or ill health and we are looking for extra help on the gate and in the shop - if you have a morning or afternoon spare we would love to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

‘e-petition at:-
A brief detail
“Overturn pension credit con
Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions
Equalize the inequity by ruling that the Secretary of State for Pensions increases the 'Appropriate Amount' in harmony with increase in the State Pension so as to stop pensioners loosing Pension Credit Guarantee.”
The Government is contrived to deprive millions of vulnerable pensioners on the lowest State Pension from ‘Pension Credit’.

Thereby not only depriving State Pensioners of several pounds a week, but triggering the withdrawal of Council Tax/Housing Benefit and other essential benefits like the Warmer Home Scheme, causing them to have to pay hundreds of £s’ out of their reduced pensions.

There has been much crowing about the Government increasing pensions by Inflation, 5.2%, but the formulae used to determine qualifying for Pension Credit is governed by the ‘APPROPRIATE AMOUNT’, i.e.; the minimum amount a pensioner should have to live on each week as determined by the Secretary of State.

The trick by The Secretary of State this year is that he has increased the Appropriate Amount by three quarters of the State Pension increase, ( 3.91% ). The effect of this is that pensioners on the minimum State Pension will receive a few pence over ‘The Appropriate Amount’ which automatically precludes them from Pension Credit and the other essential benefits. RobO

Swanage Area Senior Forum said...

4 Days with NO Swanage NHS dentist

As I write , we are 4 days without an NHS dentist in Swanage. I met with Richard Drax MP on the 30th March with Mandy Mason. A petition with over 2500 signatures was delivered. There is a solid commitment to a new NHS dentist in Swanage with 50% more capacity than the last. But WHEN??? The NHS have committed to a mobile unit in the meantime, but WHEN??? (Sound familiar?)
Earlier in the week we managed to pressure the NHS from a vague statement that a mobile unit would be available sometime after April 2012 to sometime IN April 2012. But WHEN??? Richard Drax agreed to meet with the NHS hierarchy to get that mobile in place. We are sending a DAILY reminder to Richard Drax, Dorset County Council and the NHS as the days drift by.....

Trevor Ayling, Chairman

Anonymous said...

Mail on Sunday [8th April2012]
Chris Evans ~ Nice One states:-
“I can’t begin to tell you how good a time I had on my birthday this year. It was last weekend and it was magical….Best of all was the joyous afternoon we spent in SWANAGE.
Have you ever been? The locals don’t want their well-kept secret getting out but, with apologies to the Swanagonians, I have to tell the world about this modest but perfectly formed cove on the south coast, with fish and chips to die for and a stretch of open water that could give the Cote D’Azur a run for its money.”

Chris goes on to say how he and his family; “played on the beach under the golden spring sun in a cloudless blue sky, I can honestly say I don’t remember ever being more content in my whole life.”

Thanks Chris, but don’t tell everyone they’ll spoil it.


Swanage Area Senior Forum said...


IT’S THAT time of year again … Spring is here and our gardens (and gardeners) are stirring after the long winter months.

Swanage Area Senior Forum invites you all to our meeting on Wednesday 25th April for a special Gardeners’ Questiontime. Our panel of local green-fingered experts, who are all experienced growers here in Swanage, will answer your questions and offer their advice and tips to enthuse all levels of gardeners.

Do you have a burning gardening problem you need help with? Then we invite you to send in your questions prior to the meeting (see below). We will also be sharing with you, outline details of the exciting proposal for a Therapeutic Garden at the Prospect Nursery site and an introduction to Herston and Swanage Horticultural Society's activities.

There will be our usual delicious refreshments, and a ‘Gardener’s Delight Raffle’ with proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support.

So,whether you are an old hand – or a brand new gardener, come along and be enthused as spring/summer gets us all out there - even it's only to a flower pot by the back door or a window box!





All welcome – whatever your age!

QUESTIONS PLEASE – send your questions in advance of the meeting to:

e-mail:; or by post to:

Jean Gibbs, 3 Convent Mews, Swanage, BH19 2LZ

We will also have the latest news on NHS dentist provision