Monday, March 25, 2013

Car park ticket draw?

Parking ticket draw 'boosts trade' in Beaminster
Traders in a Dorset town say what is thought to be the first parking ticket draw in the UK, has helped business.
The scheme allows shoppers in Beaminster to enter pay-and-display tickets into a draw for vouchers from local shops.
Perhaps we could do something similar here? I proposed a draw scheme three times to the Council when I was a councillor, and it was rejected each time as being unworkable. My idea was for everyone to put their phone number on the back of their ticket when they left, place it a secure box, and each  day or week a prize would be given to someone (but the shop voucher route might be better). I thought this might 'sweeten the pill' for those who think the charges are too high, and might even encourage people to use the car parks  – as seems to be happening in Beaminster. I've asked the Town Council to consider the idea again. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

So the Council make money from all the tickets less people come to the town to shop but you want the shops to provide a prize. Cant see you getting a good reception from the traders in the town about that one.
How about the Council provide it from all the money the are making or use it to fix the roads.

The Postman said...

I see the Council (not the shops) providing either vouchers or cash. So the shops benefit directly, at no cost to themselves.

And it's the County Council, not the Town Council, who is responsible for the roads.