Friday, March 08, 2013

The watercooler

OK, THIS is the place for general chit-chat.

PLEASE leave 'New subjects' JUST for suggestions of new topics that may, or may not, get posted (and don't run a debate there); it gets difficult for me to manage otherwise.



Leathwaite said...

Suggested topic:

Resident's Parking Permit needed to park in Co-op carpark before 10.00am from 1st April. You have to take Council Tax bill and Vehicle Registration document into Town Hall to obtain permit.

Website has not been updated. Town Hall not open until 10.00am.

Anonymous said...

It would make a good place for folk with camper vans to be able to sleep over 8pm till 10am. For a fee. Station toilets could be upgraded to cope. Water and electric could easily be provided.

Anonymous said...

Why did they have to cut down all the trees to build the new school?

Anonymous said...

because they were diseased leylandii. and awful to look at for the last 40 years

Nickthefish said...

Is the D1 bus service to begin again?

Anonymous said...

From the FoD newsletter:

Durlston Bus Service:

We are pleased to announce that once again there will be a bus service from

Swanage to Durlston. This will start on Sunday 26 May and run daily until 30 Sept,

the exact route and timings are still to be confirmed. We need to be able to show it is

an important part of Swanage’s transport system so the more it is used the better.