Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Public Town Meeting 25 March

Open public meeting for residents of Swanage, 7pm,  Mowlem, Monday 25 March.


Dave Morton said...

Advert seems to suggest the meeting is at the Mowlem - is it really the Town Hall ?

The Postman said...

Thanks Dave ...Mowlem it is!

The Postman said...

A good turnout (over 80 members of the public), with presentations from a number of local organisations. The overwhelming impression was that Swanage is a thriving place with a number of positive initiatives and many dedicated people working hard to make life better for all.

Presentations were made by: the Rowing Club (construction on new boat house starts in May), the new Swanage School (opening Sept), the Mowlem Theatre (new screen), the Pier (repairs after big storm), the Community Partnership (the new Swanage Local Plan in development), the Chamber of Trade (efforts to support and stimulate trade), the Swanage Hospitality Association (working to promote Swanage as a year-round tourist destination), the Town Twinning Association (with Hembach, in Germany), the Purbeck Society, the Railway and the Town Council (with an exhibition on the proposed seafront stabilisation scheme).

I hope that some of those who have complaints about Swanage, or ideas for improvement, came along (do add your comments). If not, try to make it next year, provisionally scheduled for 24 March 2014.