Monday, November 13, 2006

Thieves steal from Christian Centre

THIEVES have stolen money destined for breast cancer and homeless charities from a Christian bookshop in Swanage.The burglary happened some time between closing time on Saturday November 4, and Monday morning at the Swanage Christian Centre on Commercial Road.A portable safe was taken from the upstairs bookshop, containing money destined for various good causes. It has been heart-breaking for staff.If you have any information, call the Police on 01202 222222."


Anonymous said...

so how much was taken?

The Postman said...

Probably not a great deal, as the owner said: "We don't make mega-bucks here. We just try to serve the local community, and I can't believe there's someone in Swanage with so little conscience," said Pauline.

A pile of Christian DVDs were also taken in the burglary, and the police are asking residents to look out for anyone trying to sell these on.

Anonymous said...

As one that uses this place, it seems such a shame that the good work that they do should be spoiled by acts such as this.

Many of the folk there give their time for free. Some one has sunk pretty low to steal from a Christian centre for crying out loud.
They are a very pleasant and cheerful group and deserve better.