Thursday, April 22, 2010

Classical Festival (Seranata) Kimmeridge 26-28 August

..they've got Katherine Jenkins


Anonymous said...

Big on glamour - light on music. Is there going to be any coffee beneath the froth? This is a crossover event and it is sailing under false colours by describing itself as a classical music festival. I suppose this is the sort of thing we get when public subsidy for serious music is run down. Counterfeit currency drives out the good.

Anonymous said...

This whole event is froth - classic music 'lite'.

There is a market for this, but it won't be those interested in serious classic music. It is a 'pops' concert affair.

Nothing wrong with that, but I wish they would promote it for what it is!

Anonymous said...

Kimmeridge is a very special place and should not be the venue for a music festival of any kind due to its remoteness, difficult access and its totally rural ambience (nodding donkey excepted) - surely Lulworth Castle is the right place. We visit the Caravan Club site at Smedmore every year around the 24th August and cancelled this year as we did not wish to be caught up in the invasion of vehicles preparing the infrastructure.
We are regular festival goers and have done the Larmer Tree and Cropredy this year and will be doing Bestival next month so PLEASE, Mr Mansell, another time don't sell out - keep the ancient fields of Kimmeridge for the hares!!