Saturday, April 03, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Purbeck Schools' consultation/reorganisation

Councillors and Community have grave concerns about lack of funding. April 2010

Anonymous said...

Please can the schools have another thread.

Community and PDC Councillors have grave concerns about lack of funding

Anonymous said...

So mr moderator whats the rules now(?) we have the 6th may election?

Anonymous said...

Black Gold

We're rich, again!

Independence for Purbeck, get digging, we're floating on oil.


Anonymous said...

Studland Heath on fire again.


Anonymous said...

Dear, oh, dear!

Swanage gets on the beeb.

Well done lads 'n' lasses.

Anonymous said...

I estimate that our weekly bill at the Co-op has increased by 30-50% over the last year.This is way over any rise in inflation and way over the general increase in food prices. Since the re-organisation there is also considerably less choice and customers are now often only offered a more expensive version of a product.

The Co-op website is about the only supermarket site that does not list all it's products and prices nationally. Maybe I'm too cynical,but I strongly suspect this is so they can vary their prices according to the location of each supermarket.

Supermarkets like Asda and Tesco are now much, much cheaper than the Co-op to the point where I can understand why more people seem to be getting their groceries home delivered by them.I support the Co-op for its ethical stance, but I am beginning to feel that we're being exploited because of our location.

I wonder if anyone else feels like this.

Anonymous said...


Coming passed to East Creech today I saw this


Locals in an Auxilary Unit. These are news to me, but there's plenty of stuff on the good old idiotweb eg

Would anyone know of any local connection?

The Memorial isn't on Google Streetview, so it hasn't been there long.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see, sorry.

The Auxilary Units were set up during WW2 to fight off the hun - if they invaded.

When they were disbanded - late in '44, the 'members' were told that as they were secret units there'd be no medals or recognition.

Luckily, people talk and so various websites have been set up, and books written, to get to the truth.

I use this road quite often, but usually from Corfe, so I could have gone passed it quite often without noticing it, but today I was going t'other way.

The flickr, and tiny links are a photo of a memorial stone that's been erected to the 'Creech Bottom Seven'. The warlinks link is info about Auxilary Units.

Hope this is OK.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else go to the Swanage Senior Forum at the Middle School on 17/05/10? The UKIP candidate was certainly entertaining in his efforts to obtain an equal platform with the other candidates!

Anonymous said...

Serenata Festival.

They've got Katherine Jenkins.

Anonymous said...

There's lie, damn lies and then there's ........... politicians.


New Comedy Channel launched by the Echo.


Listen and watch our Parliamentary Candidates.

Anonymous said...

Alfie up at the Putlake Farm has had terrible problems with car parking. Apparently the planners don't want people to park in the field to buy local produce and entertain the kids. Does anyone know if St Mary's, the parish church, has planning permission to allow folf to park on the grass in the church yard?

Steve Darrington said...


The May issue of Swanage - Live! is now available at Printed copies can also be picked up from tourist information centres, participating venues and shops.

There are over 60 poster sites in and around Swanage, so that visitors to the area and residents can easily see what's going on.

Aimed initially at the thriving live music scene, Swanage - Live! is now expanding and other events can be advertised.

For more details and to submit your event, please go to Thank you.

Steve Darrington

Steve Darrington said...

BAR SE7EN - formerly Victoria Club

Following a superb refurbishment to Bar Se7en at Number One Swanage High Street, the Sunday music sessions are set to start again soon.

The question is: what is the best time for them to be on, so that most people can come to enjoy them?

During 2009 the Sunday times were 5pm to 8pm; would people prefer 6pm to 9pm? or even a completely different time?

Jed Clampit said...

Oil Slick In Swanage Bay?

There seems to be a nasty trace of oil amongst the seaweed just now. (Tuesday 11th May)

Has anyone else noticed the creamy streaks in the tide and on the beach?

Anonymous said...

Skools bak on ahjender!

The people of Swanage - and surrounding area - hath spake!

They want change.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to post the above comment, then you'd best post this as well.

The people of Swanage are about to speak and they say no to change.