Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Those of you who use the Zig-zag path to visit Durlston Bay, can you help with this, please? It seems more and more people are abusing this beautiful place. People are leaving more and more litter and smashing bottles. (How can somebody go somewhere because they find it a great place, and then trash it for everyone else?) I have also heard that people have recently tried to set fire to the large, ancient, cedar tree (Macracarpa, I believe). Suddenly this is beyond people just having a bit of fun. Destroying a tree like that would not only be massively anti-socially environmentally destructive, it would also be a criminal offence and could set fire to the woods and in turn the nearby flats.                                          (Photo: thanks to Dom Greves)

I fought the Conservative town council and certain councillors for two years to get that path open, for the enjoyment of all. I have also sat in on meetings where the Police and Coastguard have argued for it to be closed, because of some the activities that go on, and because if people get injured (or dead drunk) it would be hard to get them out. I have argued many times that people need a place like this to get a bit wild. But I can see if things carry on like this, the place will be closed again.

Can I ask you to take away your litter if you go there, not to break glass, and please control any fires and make sure they are out before you leave? And if you know people who are causing trouble, can you try to ask them to behave? If they won't or you can't approach them, please think about telling the Police or posting information up here. Perhaps take photos too.


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Anonymous said...

Well said The Postman ! We all need to encourage users of the Zig Zag to act responsibly. It is a wonderful area leading down to the peaceful bay. Perhaps some occassional policing too?