Monday, April 26, 2010

Town Meeting (Parish Assembly) Tonight 26 April

The town's annual meeting is tonight at 7.00pm in the Community Room at the Mowlem.

YOUR meeting; YOUR views; YOUR chance to have a say on any matters affecting Swanage.

This is not a Council meeting, although many Town Councillors will be there. And if any resolutions are proposed and passed by the majority present, then the Council will be bound to address the matter.

(Sorry I didn't post this earlier, I did mean to.)


Postman2 said...

If this was in the local press I missed it. Apologies accepted Mike but I would have been there wiht a little more notice.

Anonymous said...

I missed it, too. I checked the Town Hall board and didn't see it posted last week, but mebbe my eyesight ain't wot it used ter be.....

The Postman said...

Well, ten members of the public turned up. So I guess everyone's pretty happy with life in Swanage, which is good. I thought it might help to provide some brief notes of topics covered, as the minutes won't be published for ages. I won't go into any detail unless requested.Apologies if I've missed anything in this hasty record.

Police: Sergeant Barry Ashdown reported that last year's crime figures are down on the previous year.

Heroes Welcome: Brian Barker announced a Chamber of Trade scheme to encourage and welcome the armed forces into shops and business, offering them a discount.

Thanks: Colette Drayson thanked the Town Council and Town and District Councillors for their support in working together over the year on many issues.

Credit Union: Alan Dominy announced the launch of the co-operative Credit Union bank, to provide a small savings and loans scheme.

Peveril Point: Ian Saunders asked if there could be a disabled parking bay within the residents' parking scheme.

Roads/pavements: Paul Angel asked about what action could be taken to make walking around town safer. Mike Hadley mentioned the website:

Camper vans: Chris Makin asked what could be done about camper vans on Shore Road. The Mayor said that DCC were planning to introduce Pay&Display within the next couple of years.

Parish Assembly: Mike Hadley asked what format people felt this meeting should adopt, as not many had come. There was some agreement that perhaps the meeting should be more a celebration of achievements over the year. Mike pointed out that this is NOT a Council meeting. it was agreed to promote this more widely next year.

Transition Towns. Paul Angel/Colette Drayson explained that Swanage is moving towards becoming a Transition Town, and this may be something to develop/promote.

Rubbish: Ian Saunders raised the problem of mess and potential injury caused by seagulls, which led into a discussion on rubbish and the problems of bins and collection.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, what a good idea to post it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The Coastal Credit Union had their launch today.

It's open every Tues 10.30 to 12.30 in the Old Stables.

I'm already a member and dropped in to show them some support. Eventually, they hope to be able to open at other times as well.

If you'd like to know more about Credit Unions then

Although Mike reports that it's a "small savings and loans scheme." They lend up to, I think, £7K and you can save as much as you like.

They lent to me when the banks wouldn't touch me - pre credit crunch!

Now my credit score has risen I checked with my bank to see if it would be cheaper to repay my current loan by borrowing from them. He looked at my agreement, shook his head, and said stay with them, they're a lot cheaper than us.

Anonymous said...


Forgot to include the Coastal Credit Union website.

The Postman said...

Swanage Residents' Association: I forgot to mention that someone asked about this at the meeting; asked if anyone from them was present. I was. I commented that the Association is dying on its feet owing to lack of support; that no one wants to volunteer to be on the committee; that perhaps there is no need for such a organisation nowadays, when people seem able to organise themselves when issues arise (such as the Schools, the James Day Home, the Care Home etc). What do you think? There is a rather clunky website

If anyone wants to get involved with this, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

I missed it in the press too, heard about it at the pub! Not blaming anyone for this, just didn't see it.

So went along. I was surprised to see that the same question/concern was raised as last year,'How can we get more people to attend this meeting'? I put suggestions forward last year, they were minuted, I put the same suggestions forward this year! Please councils..if you want people to support then advertise with posters, inviting people to attend, put on an interesting speaker, ask groups in the town to input and celebrate their successes of the past year, and perhaps offer 1 glass of wine and a sandwhich or some home made cake.
Ask for help to promote your annual occasion and make it sound like fun.
Why else would anyone want to go along? It would be nice to celebrate Swanage for a change instead of whinging and moaning..lets do something positive. We heard from this meeting that Rotary are making a list of all local groups. This will be really useful.
I forgot to say, that there is an alternative way to run a meeting, its called 'open space'. That may help too.
Hope these suggestions help you to gather more people next year !
Ask for help.

Anonymous said...

I have attended these meetings over the past few years. They are boring and have no real purpose. Perhaps if the Mayor tried to enthuse, rather than compere a wake, then more might up.

Free wine and nibbles aren't worth the effort. Get people enthused. Am I the only one who thinks the town council may be happy to see so few turn up?