Saturday, November 27, 2010

Herston Bakers Shop to become affordable housing !

Following a compulsory purchase, Purbeck District Council has taken possession of a property at 335 High Street, Swanage.It is hoped that the former baker’s shop with flat above, which has been empty for many years, can now be converted into affordable homes for local people.  Read more


Anonymous said...

A PDC news release last week stated that:

Over the next few months, the Council will draw up a range of options, including converting into affordable flats to rent to local people, for assessment by Councillors.  A decision on the property’s future will then be taken.

So maybe not affordable anything.........

Anonymous said...

Would leaving it to rot have been a better option do you think? Pity they don't do the same for the former Westbury care home in Rempstone Road which was bought by a developer at just the wrong time.

Anonymous said...

The Localism Bill:

It's ok, soon we will be able to do what we like ??

The purpose of the Bill is to:
The Bill would devolve greater powers to councils and neighbourhoods and give local communities control over housing and planning decisions.

The main benefits of the Bill would be:
Empowering local people.
Freeing local government from central and regional control.
Giving local communities a real share in local growth.
A more efficient and more local planning system.
The main elements of the Bill are:
Abolish Regional Spatial Strategies.
Return decision-making powers on housing and planning to local councils.
Abolish the Infrastructure Planning Commission and replace it with an efficient and democratically accountable system that provides a fast-track process for major infrastructure projects.
New powers to help save local facilities and services threatened with closure, and give communities the right to bid to take over local state-run services.
Abolish the Standards Board regime.
Give councils a general power of competence.
Require public bodies to publish online the job titles of every member of staff and the salaries and expenses of senior officials.
Give residents the power to instigate local referendums on any local issue and the power to veto excessive council tax increases.
Greater financial autonomy to local government and community groups.
Create Local Enterprise Partnerships (to replace Regional Development Agencies) – joint local authority-business bodies brought forward by local authorities to promote local economic development.
Form plans to deliver a genuine and lasting Olympic legacy.
Outright abolition of Home Improvement Packs.
Create new trusts that would make it simpler for communities to provide homes for local people.
Review Housing Revenue Account.

Anonymous said...

More flats for second homers. Old folk. Retirees.


Roll out the bath chairs.

Time for STC to build its own crematorium. Roll 'em into St Mary's, then incinerate 'em.

Dump the ashes of the pier.

Make a packet.

Anonymous said...

'second homers' are the only people potentially bringing investment into Swanage - it's all getting a bit boring the constant bashing of people who actually want to see Swanage thrive.

I'm all for affordable housing, but Swanage needs investment and that won't come from local families. No point building affordable housing if there's no school for their children to go to or jobs for parents to take. Outside investment creates opportunity - there's only so many fish and chip shop jobs to go round.

Anonymous said...

May be it is the way forward. Second homes and holiday lets - a little bit of Purbeck paradise for those who can afford it and nevermind the locals who can't. Strange world though eh?

Anonymous said...

Too bad STC didn't keep the holiday park. It could have housed the locals there so that they could wait on the needs of the wealthy second homers and retirees. They are a subclass, right?? Pikeys?? Isn't that what the last two post imply??

Anonymous said...

And what is wrong with being a Purbeck Pikey! Be proud of it. If it wern't for us level 'eded Pikeys there would be no hope. It is us that's goin to do this ere Big Society thing, us Pikey's with wellies and straw in our 'air.

Best get to it before the DFL's turn up, quick tidy, dust, shine and polish. Dig them turnips for that pheasant stew. Light the hearths. Quick their coming!!

Anonymous said...

"Swanage needs investment and that won't come from local families."

I agree entirely but investment in what? Any suggestions, given the restraints.

Anonymous said...

No one said people who live in swanage are 'pikeys' - nothing of the sort.

It's just currently there's very little industry coming from within Swanage apart from tourist dependent trade. the first thing that's desperately needed is strong broadband. With that, more people who live in Swanage will be able to set up businesses from home and create more of a sustainable income for their families. Added to that, larger businesses will be inclined to settle in or around the area if the broadband speeds are workable.