Monday, November 01, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Slow and overcrowded trains, why bother with the main line connection?
Is anyone else fed up with the overcrowding on South West train service to and from Waterloo? I recently boarded at Wareham 09.53 and got a seat OK but by departure from Bournemouth there were people standing and the tea trolley was stuck at base. Returning at 17.35 the whole train was packed with generally stoic people, but many others, some sitting on the floor, complaining of being treated like cattle.

Stephen Foote said...

Say NO to 900 houses in Swanage

Today (Nov 1) marks the beginning of the next round of 'Planning Purbeck's Future': Core Strategy Pre-Submission Public Consultation. The Core Strategy is the blueprint for planning policy in Purbeck between 2006 and 2027.

We have had plenty of debate about Herston Fields which was part of the previous consultation. Let's set that aside for the time being, and just look at the figures: PDC aim to deliver 900 houses (mainly in Swanage), between 2006 and 2027. Of these 900, 250 have been built already, 190 have planning permission, 260 sites have been identified under "character appraisal" (ie infill within the town), and the final tranche of 200 which the 'Where Shall We Build in Swanage & Corfe Castle?' consultation addressed. This last tranche of 200 houses are to be built on settlement extensions (ie greenfield sites such as Herston and other sites yet "to be identified")

34% of ALL new build in the whole of Purbeck has been in Swanage since 1996. These new 900 houses, would represent an expansion of the town of 20% and this seems to be an unfair burden. Truly affordable housing for local people to rent or buy is all that is needed in Swanage.

We all know that the A351 is already heavily congested, and a planning inspector recommended in 2002 that no further devlopment should happen in Swanage until the A351 problems had been addressed. Nothing has changed and it is clear that the infrastructure is not in place to cope with an increased population. Then there is also the question of where all these new residents are going to work!

How on earth this "Public Consultation" is even remotely accessible to anyone without an intricate knowledge of planning procedure is beyond me. Top down decision making is alive and well in Purbeck.

To try to take take part visit this address:

Oh, and if you need any help Purbeck District Council are offering 'briefings on how to complete these forms and the process involved' in Wareham (2) Swanage (1). See you at the Mowlem on the 18th November at 7pm.

Anonymous said...

'Planning Purbeck's Future' Core Strategy Pre-Submission Document Representation Form

What a mouthful but the meeting on 18th November was a briefing on how to complete these forms, and was held by PDC in the Committee Room at the Mowlem. Some 30 plucky individuals braved the weather which was at least 25 more than turned up for a similar workshop held in Wareham last week!

We learnt that:

The Core Strategy is considered sound by PDC unless, we the public prove otherwise

The public can write letters and submit handwritten responses but more credence will be given to representation forms completed online as these are apparently, easier to collate

The examination of the Core Strategy by a Planning Inspector will take place in May/June 2011

If PDC were to start the consultation process again they would apparently begin by asking the
community what they wanted

If anyone would like help completing the form they should contact the Planning Policy Team
For further information, visit email or call 01929 557273 to talk to a member of the Planning Policy Team

Anonymous said...


YOUR CHANCE TO DISCUSS Purbeck District Councils Core Strategy, that will affect EVERYONE IN SWANAGE

900 DWELLINGS from 2006-2026?


Thursday 25th November
5pm – 8pm

in the Mowlem Community Room

Anonymous said...

Why don't we just close the town for maintenance in November. Its the Marie Celeste of retailing at the moment. Shops full of stock with all the lights blazing and absolutely nobody in sight.

Anonymous said...

Herston Bakers Shop to become affordable housing !

Following a compulsory purchase, Purbeck District Council has taken possession of a property at 335 High Street, Swanage.It is hoped that the former baker’s shop with flat above, which has been empty for many years, can now be converted into affordable homes for local people.

After an extensive search, the council failed to find the owner and decided that the only prospect of getting the property back into use was to start compulsory purchase proceedings. A year later the process is completed and the property is owned by the council.

Principal Environmental Health Officer at Purbeck District Council, Richard Conway, who led the project said: “The property is in a bad way after many years of neglect; the roof is leaking in a number of places and floors are rotting away. Outside, the state of the property is seriously affecting the whole street scene.”

Over the next few months, the Council will draw up a range of options, including converting into affordable flats to rent to local people, for assessment by Councillors. A decision on the property’s future will then be taken.

Councillor Beryl Ezzard, said “With a high demand for affordable housing in the district, it is wasteful and very disappointing to see empty properties like this. There is a particular shortage of affordable housing in Swanage and we are one step closer to providing much needed homes for local people.”

Councillor Ezzard added “This is the first time that the council has used compulsory purchase powers to bring a property back into use, but after so many years left empty we felt that we needed to act.”

The council is working to bring long term empty properties across the district back into use. Members of the public can report empty properties in Purbeck by either contacting the Private Sector Housing Team on 01929 556561 or by reporting it online at

Anonymous said...

Wind farm - yeeha!


Anonymous said...

Horses in Herston Fields

Does anyone know who owns the horses in Herston Fields? If so could you please tell the owner that the horses have no access to food or water. The only water source is from muddy puddles. Eleven horses, including a very young foal, have been in the lower field next to the main road for over three weeks (they are usually in the top fields) so there is very little grass left. Now the ground is covered with snow the horses should have access to hay. Many concerned people have already called the RSPCA at Ringwood 0300 123 0749, and will continue to do so until the situation for these poor animals improves.