Sunday, November 21, 2010

'Planning Purbeck's Future'

'Planning Purbeck's Future' Core Strategy Pre-Submission Document Representation Form

What a mouthful but the meeting on 18th November was a briefing on how to complete these forms, and was held by PDC in the Committee Room at the Mowlem. Some 30 plucky individuals braved the weather which was at least 25 more than turned up for a similar workshop held in Wareham last week!

We learnt that:

The Core Strategy is considered sound by PDC unless, we the public prove otherwise

The public can write letters and submit handwritten responses but more credence will be given to representation forms completed online as these are apparently, easier to collate

The examination of the Core Strategy by a Planning Inspector will take place in May/June 2011

If PDC were to start the consultation process again they would apparently begin by asking the
community what they wanted

If anyone would like help completing the form they should contact the Planning Policy Team
For further information, visit email or call 01929 557273 to talk to a member of the Planning Policy Team

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The Postman said...


YOUR CHANCE TO DISCUSS Purbeck District Councils Core Strategy, that will affect EVERYONE IN SWANAGE

900 DWELLINGS from 2006-2026?


Thursday 25th November
5pm – 8pm

in the Mowlem Community Room

Anonymous said...

Again it will be about 10 people who have the time or inclination to go through all this that will in the end justify PDC doing basically what it wants by adopting a blasé
set of policies.
Where is the sports centre for Swanage?
Where is the sustainably fishery?
The Durlston relief road?
Marina/working harbour?
A proper train service to and from Waterloo?
Some policy on the type of tourism industry we want?
I suspect these are not included because PDC cannot realistically see these things happening in the lifetime of this stategy. Totally ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

How about being one of the ten, and having your say too?

Anonymous said...

If you don't ask you don't get. If you don't complain about PDC poilcy then they will (and do) run roughshod. Now is the time to start getting local people to be heard.

Or of course you can just stay at home and have a moan from your armchair. No one will hear you though...

Anonymous said...

Purbeck's future:

Let old folk live here, and die.


Anonymous said...

Let old folk live here, and die.

Great! problem solved.

There may, however, be an alternative. But if you keep your eyes closed and stay indoors, you'd never know. Would you?

Anonymous said...

"Let old people live here"

Mr Postman, is this sort of comment acceptable? It clearly suggests there can or should be some sort of control of people's choice of location based on age. If someone queried the right of Jews or black people to live wherever they wanted there would be an outcry. Why should those of us who have passed our 60th or 65 birthday be treated in this way?

Anonymous said...

Some over 60s find Swanage a suitable place to live for a number of reasons:

1. Its remoteness at that age may not pose such a problem ie they are happy to stay put and do not become frustrated by the antiquated road network in and out of town and the lack of a rail link.

2. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty.

3. It has the facilities they require on a day to day basis.

4. The weather is kinder than in some other parts of the country.

5. It is peaceful.

6. Maybe they have family/friends here.

Poster 7.04 needs to display a little more understanding. He/she will be over 60 too one day. I wonder if he will chose Swanage then?

Anonymous said...

There is no future for Purbeck, except for rich second home owners.

No place for kids over 10, now.

If you have kids that age, keep well away.