Friday, May 13, 2005

Swanage Community Plan - update

This is the first draft of the outcome of work to date. More detail on

Future action rests on whether the ‘Partnership’ and its Steering Committee can be developed into a strong community organisation that has ambition and commitment to work with local communities to plan and implement regenerative initiatives embracing social, environmental and economic issues affecting the daily lives of people in Swanage. This Partnership will rely upon the full support and co-operation of the Town Council and upon the absence of individuals pursuing their own agendas. It would seem that before community plan projects can be started or before MCTi plans can be progressed, there is a need to set a clear vision and mission for the ‘Partnership’ and then expand and deepen it whilst creating a strong and motivated Steering Committee.

6.1 Summary of Major Programme and Project titles
The following headings detail those subjects that arose as being among the most important, during the consultation process.

This is the first draft of the outcome of work to date. These major programme and project themes will be owned by the Swanage Town and Community Partnership Steering Group who will further define and develop them in liaison with statutory partners and others. They will then be actioned.

When practical community action is initiated this draft plan can be finalised and published, and a summary of the projects can be distributed to every household.

[N.B. More work is needed to review the detailed comments from the Public meetings in order to confirm and further define programmes and projects listed below. This will include checking the original meeting flip charts to clearly establish initial views on priorities. The following summary is very much a ‘work in progress’. It can only be undertaken as the ‘Partnership’ develops – see comment in Section 7 below.]

Theme: Access to Health


Project 1; Encourage Preventative Health Care
Project 2; Simplify Hospital Car system
Project 3; Identify need and location for First Aid Post then establish it
Project 4; Improve dissemination of services available
Project 5; Review need for additional ambulance cover
Project 6; Ease access for emergency vehicles at Church Hill – (see also Transport Road Usage Programme)

Theme: Crime and Safety
Project 1; Extend and develop Neighbourhood Watch
Project 2; Improve management of drinking related disturbances

Theme: Community Facilities
To include -
Working with Mowlem Trustees and Town Council to change terms of Trust to engage community in supporting Mowlem development.
Project 1; Communications Plan for Community Plan/MCTi Plan
Project 2; Establish a local community lottery (as in Ch Islands)
Project 3; Set up advertising for parents groups (believe this exists)
Project 4; Improve Toilet facilities in Town
Project 5; Set up educational facilities (early years/ based in school out of hours/ outdoor ed classroom)
Project 6; Build more sheltered seating on sea front
Project 7; Ice rink and Xmas market at Prince Albert Gardens
Project 8; Build a combined sports and community centre for all ages.

Theme: Housing and Jobs
Project 1; Set up a micro credit scheme
Project 2; Strengthen Planning Controls to retain the character of Swanage
Project 3; Strengthen Planning Controls to;
- reduce spread of flats
- loss of old peoples homes
- prevent dilapidation
Project 3a?; Lobby to retain second home council tax in Purbeck
Project 4; Establish programme to encourage small business development
Project 5; Project to regain ownership of old grammar school and develop it
Project 6; Create more affordable housing
Project 7; Co-ordinate development of Commercial Road area and publicise work
Project 8; Open Local Job Centre
Project 9; General Regeneration initiatives e.g.
- local food schemes, especially fish
- attract a Bournemouth University Annexe

Theme: Local Environment
PRIDE IN SWANAGE PROGRAMME – set vision, define strategy and objectives
Part 1; ‘Manage Better’
To look at;
- pollution (steam train, coach exhaust)
- litter
- stone pavement maintenance
- parking (see Transport)
- recycling

Part 2; ‘New Initiatives’
To look at;
- more tree planting
- street signage
- art displays
- task force to clean up lanes
- task force to clean up dog mess
- multi-purpose waste/rubbish bins
- involve schools/young in projects

Part 3’; ‘Modelling’ –
Benchmark good examples in other towns e.g.
- shuttle bus
- discount cards for visitors
- multi-purpose waste bins/collection

Part 4; ‘Planning’
- preserve green areas
- involve locals
- no new build without parking
- review Shore Road Pedestrianisation
- encourage alternative power
- sort out Mowlem
- sort out Pier Head

Theme: Older People
Project; Build a Community Centre – see Community Facilities Theme
- A place where young and old can drop in and mix and share facilities such as IT training.

Theme: Tourism
Project1; To review and improve publicity
Project2; Sea Issues, e.g.
- Planning gain from Pier Head to fund Pier
- Swimming raft for children
- Ban/control jet skis
- Safe anchorage to promote Jurassic coast trips from Swanage
- Build breakwater
Project 3; Visitor facilities e.g.
- open smugglers passage

Theme: Transport and Traffic
Programme: To review and improve parking in Swanage
e.g. level of charges; Ocean bay situation; residents scheme; holiday expansion; Station Road –one side?
Programme: To review and improve public transport
e.g. free transport for under 18’s; bring Jurassic Bus to Swanage; around town hopper to complement revised parking scheme; disability access on buses.
Programme: To review and assess need for alteration to aspects of road usage
e.g. close seafront year round; other pedestrianisation; traffic calming; review/adjust one way system; lower speed limits.

Theme: Young People
Project 1; Build/develop more Indoor facilities
e.g. Indoor play area; quiet rooms at Youth centre and Middle School
Project 2; Build self managed youth cafĂ© and recording studio at King George’s Pavilion
Project 3; Build Children and family centre and nursery
Project 4; Lobby for no change of status for Middle School
Project 5; Organise regular one day events for youth, especially at Prince Albert Gardens
Project 6; Organise activities for little ones in library
Project 7; Build youth shelter at Herston


Anonymous said...

So much of all this is old hat! It's been discussed before, voted on, never did and ain't never goin to happen. If the wrinklies had wanted anything good to happen they would have voted for the marina and we would never have looked back.

Postman2 said...

I must admit for a local community plan how many of these wish list items would require national government to put right: eg Flats without car parking spaces came from Westminster, and much like the Bishop of Bray, local planning officers turned coat and suddenly instead of demanding 2.5 spaces per flat frowned upon more than one. I don't think we're going to get local pollution regulations, or change the percentage of the number of affordable houses required in a development.
On the other hand the seafront closure has never been implemented, perhaps someone will explain the problem, before we get another fatality.

Anonymous said...

you mean Vicar of Bray I think

Keith Roker said...

The purpose of this exercise is to find out what the people of Swanage want in general not simply what the town council should be doing. However, what comes over time and time again is that very few of us are aware of the respective powers of the three levels of local authority we are saddled, with to say nothing of the regional government office, whose creatures are behind this whole exercise, the UK government and the EU.

The whole structure is a madness and regretably the opportunity to simplify it by reducing the number of levels of councils was missed a few years ago. Poole and Bournemouth now have only a single level but we have been left with endless shadow boxing between three councils. Whatever you ask about is always the responsibility of another council.

In my experience its made worse by the refusal of councils at all three levels to send officers or members to meetings with the authority to agree to anything which will bind the council. Imagine running a business where every decision had to be referred to the board or the MD!