Saturday, August 19, 2006

Positively Lobster Potty

peveril said...
Well done - the Lobster Pot (below the Grand Hotel) gets a good review in today's Guardian Weekend (19 August).More positive reporting and news items like this is what Swanage needs to reinvent itself:

"The Lobster PotSheps Hollow, Swanage, Dorset (no telephone)
Walk left along Swanage seafront, away from the crowds, and nestled between rows of painted beach huts is this gem. Organic delights are served on the terrace, such as Dorset ploughman's (with home-made pâté), locally smoked trout, crab salad, panini and all manner of home-made cakes." Review by Guardian reader Emma Fernandez, Swanage.


Anonymous said...

I concur with Lobster Potty, the piece in the Guardian and the sentiment for the focus on Swanage, but I would warn anyone trying to ‘walk along either in the front of, or on the beach in front of the beach huts as suggested that they are likely to fall prey to the ‘Beach Hut Tribe’ who guard their alleged territory with lines of wind breaks, (would make a good hurdling track though). In the decades I’ve lived here I can’t recall the ‘beach path ever having been closed off for a day in any year to conform to the Rights of Way Act, does anyone ?

Anonymous said...

A previous owner of the Ocean Bay used to use the pathway in front of that for storage in the winter and barricade it but apart from that I am not aware of any attempt to assert the owners right to deny public access to the path on the seawall in the past 50 years. Is it shown as a right of way on the official map of these?

Fortunately these is a good chance of the "right to wander" being extended to the coast so long as the lanowners are not able to block it.