Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Durlston: Britain's best park?

Vote your park the People's Choice

Green Flag Awards is urging the public to vote for their favourite local park or green space in the annual Green Flag Award scheme’s ‘People's Choice – Site of the Year Award’.

Durlston is currently ranked 4th in the UK.

If you love Durlston, let your voice be heard: cast your vote. Follow the link above, or visit the Durlston site:


Anonymous said...

The memory of this park, is a friend of Durlston shouting about keeping dogs on a lead because of the threat to the skylarks !

Parks attract too many people. The car park is far too expensive. The best bits are outside of the park area, where dogs, cows, horses roam free and people are left alone to use their common sense, to wander in the real unspoilt countryside. There are more skylarks to be spotted outside of the park.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant tw*t.