Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New subject

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Anonymous said...


Since I posted this in New Subject, new threads on Durlston, a walking festival, wheelie bins and the gazette have been started.

But not a thread about a possible 600 new homes in Swanage - strange

Hallelujah, at last!

Only 600, but 50% affordable.




The Postman said...

If a posting isn't very clear, then it doesn't go up. I haven't time to try to translate random thoughts into a coherent sentence.

swanage resident said...

New Topic: More parking restrictions?

I as told today that there are plans to put double yellow lines along townsend road, richmond road, osborne road and manwell road. I havent found anything on Purbeck Councils site about this but has anyone else heard about more parking restrictions?

Also if this is put in place where are all the residents supposed to park?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about the murder that the rumour mill says happened in Park Road on Saturday?

Anonymous said...

JAPANESE KNOTWEED. has anybody in Swanage spotted this dangerous weed in their gardens. I was visiting a friend who has a caravan on Swanage Bay View Park and I spotted the dreaded weed in her garden!!! It seems that the park are not going to do anything about this at the moment. I read in a newspaper this week that someone was refused a mortgage due to this weed in their garden. What about Shorefields, Durlston, Townsend. Is the Town Council aware? Do they have the necessary expertise to deal with this invader?
Concerned swanage rate payer

Anonymous said...

Catty indeed!

"I have heard of problems that come from Blogs, like the SwanageView blog.."


In: Advice: Login

Talking about viruses.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that they explain the problems with blogs pretty well.

I never realised that visiting here could open my computer to problems.

Anonymous said...

Dorset's 'oil boom'?

Kimmeridge to be the new Wytch Farm?


Anonymous said...

"I can go anywhere ... for something new ANYWAY, ANYHOW ANYWHERE I CHOOSE"
I hesitate to ask but are the bikers actually allowed to park on the Quayside opposite the Art Hut area as they generally do at the weekends? If so then presumably cars can be parked there too? I watched from the thatch restaurant as a traffic warden walked past and ignored 30 or so of them. Later a police bike pulled up and the driver was asked by a biker if it was OK to park there, I couldn’t lip read the officer’s reply but the bike was duly parked on the pavement with the rest.

Anonymous said...

Plans for the new gig house are on PDC website
Let's wish them every success.

Anonymous said...

Purbeck District Council Joins County Website

Great but now none of my links work!
Where have recent applications to the council gone? Planning board list and recommendation? It took me literally months to find these links hidden in text on the old site, how can these websites be soo bad?

Anonymous said...

God bless the internet!

Wasting time on a cool and damp morning, looking for some places to visit on my next Euro-jaunt I found this


A castle in France being rebuilt using original tools.

Then searching a bit more I found this


Guedelon are visiting Corfe this weekend 2/3 July.

Lots of vids on youtube.


Anonymous said...


Have you noticed how after about 2pm the sun dims as it goes behind thin cloud ? Well it’s not cloud it is ice crystals from airliners which are funnelled from all over the UK to depart to the South/South West from the departure point about 15 miles South of Swanage where they put on extra power to climb to their allocated flight level, 20 ~ 40,000 feet for their journey.

The modern fan jet engine sucks in circa one and a half tons of air A SECOND, compressing then heating it and forcing it out where the water droplets then freeze to become con(densation)/vapour trails which then spread across the sky to block the sun.

During the four days after 9/11 when all flights were grounded in the USA the ambient temperature went up by 3 to 5 degrees C. The same thing probably happened here when UK Airspace was closed because of the volcano, but that information will not be made available to Joe Public here.