Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Swanage Seafront tired and under-used in places.

More consultation to decide what we should do about it:


Postman2 said...

Swanage seafront set for revamp

Echo 7:30pm Monday 28th June 2010

By Jim Durkin

PLANNING chiefs are set to revamp Swanage seafront and the town’s Shore Road Gardens.

A series of consultation events have been planned to give residents an opportunity to have a say on how the scheme proceeds.

Both areas are vital features in Swanage but Purbeck council officials believe they are suffering stability issues and are tired and under-used in places.

Cllr Gary Suttle said: “This is a wonderful opportunity to take Swanage forward and bring about improvements that will attract more visitors and benefit the community.

“Please take part in the consultation to ensure that the views of Swanage residents are well represented when the time comes for decisions to be made.”

The scheme is in the early stages of consultation, which runs until the end of September. Decisions on the way forward are likely to be made later this year.

The consultation is being run by the district council, Swanage Town Council and the Swanage Town and Community Partnership.

A district council spokesman said: “We want to hear people’s aspirations for the area. We also want to know what changes are needed and how the area can be improved for the community and future generations to enjoy.”

District council built environment spokesman Martyn Colvey said: “The ideas and visions of the local community are crucial to making this a place that all can enjoy, so we welcome comments.

“The consultation has been prepared to ensure that a unified vision is developed with realistic goals that can make a real difference.”

• Consultation event dates: Swanage Mowlem Theatre, July 8, 5-8pm, alongside the current planning consultation Where Shall We Build; Sandpit Field, August 2, 1-5pm; Town Partnership Room, Swanage Town Hall, Sept 6, 3-7pm.

Anonymous said...

Tired and underused? Welcome to Swanage! We revel in 'tired and underused'!

Anonymous said...

Surely the planning consultation 'Where shall we build in Swanage?' is important enough to warrant it's own meeting? Why does the seafront consultation have to take place at the same time?

Also worth noting that all other towns and villages in the South East area have organised planning consultation meetings which are timetabled for four hours while Swanage is only afforded three and that to discuss two distinctly different issues?

Anonymous said...

At blast - an opportunity to move forward with an imaginitive scheme which would remove traffic and make the whole area an asset to the town. Or will it just be a fudge with some new gardens and seating?

Anonymous said...

I think a few showers would be a very useful addition to the seafront, either on the prom like the ones in Bournemouth or if that's too difficult just outside the toilet block

Anonymous said...

Showers were proposed by a lady shopkeeper in town about a year ago - this idea was rebuffed by STC even though the lady had offered to subsidize the cost. I thought their rebuff was unkind and thoughtless.

Anonymous said...

Did they give a reason?

Anonymous said...


backinswanage said...

There should be a modern map stand in the square outside the fish and chip shops because that is a place people end up when they are just walking around and it is the other end of the town to the information centre . It should have colour coded features like a mall map and possibly some sort of interaction . It should show the shops restaurants bars and attractions like the life boat or mill pond It could be funded by advertising around the edge .
There should also be an area set aside for a few street vendors with their own stands with restricted size of cart.Selling seasonal things like Bournemouth square at Christmas , or doing face painting etc. some shops may find it a way to attract people to their shop by showing a sample of things.It might be open into the early evening . Paid for by a weekly fee like the beach huts . A limited number of them would cause turn over of different stands .A simple pay as you go system could be set up .No food should be allowed and no litter.If possable it should favor local people with some thought given to what nearby shops are selling . The idea is to bring different and interesting items to town.