Monday, June 07, 2010

Swanage Community Partnership AGM: 2 July

Swanage Community Partnership

Annual General Meeting
2nd July 2010 @ 10am

Swanage Town Hall
1. Welcome,
2. Apologies,
3. Appointment of Chairman
4. Appointment of Vice Chairman
5. Appointment of Honorary Treasurer
6. Appointment of Secretary
7. Chair’s Report and Review of the SCP 2009/2010 – A. Faulkner
8. Statement of Audited Accounts – M. Ayres
9. Minutes of 2009 AGM
10. Matters Arising from the 2009 AGM Minutes,
11. Review of other projects throughout the Town –  M.Ayres
12.  AOB
13.  Date of next AGM


The Postman said...

Chair/ Deputy Chair of Swanage Community Partnership

Nominations are invited for the Appointment of Chair and Deputy Chair

The Swanage and Community Town Partnership is currently seeking nominations for the position of Chairman and Vice Chairman.

The Partnership represents all organisations in Swanage and rural catchment area and requires vibrant and energetic volunteers, with a local interest and passion for Swanage and its community. Motivated, strategic thinking individuals are required to assist in taking projects forward from the Swanage Community Plan.

For further information contact:
Kim Gallagher, Hon. Secretary
01929427828 email

Anonymous said...

How does this differ from PDC Core Strategy ?

Is this a voluntary group, or something that has gov. funding ?

The Postman said...

The Swanage and Community Partnership was formed some years ago to try to establish the needs and wants of people in and around Swanage. These ideas were then presented to Purbeck District Council and (some of them) incorporated into the Purbeck Community Partnership, part of the Core Strategy. The idea is for people to have a say in what happens (not that many people actually get involved). Anyway, there are still ideas, plans and proposals in hand, which the Swanage and Community Partnership strives to push forward. It has associations with the Market and Coastal Towns Initiative and is actually quite an important organisation, and could be even more effective. But it is only as good and effective as the people who join in. If you have something you want to move forward, get involved.

Anonymous said...

There are sometimes compaints about the Council being old, well, I'm not, but I'll be at work on 2nd July 2010 @ 10am.

I expect many others will be as well.