Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swanage Rowing Club plans

Plans for the new gig house are on PDC website
Let's wish them every success.

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous plans and so well presented. But the cost of building this will be crippling won’t it? Why not give up a couple of car spaces and let them build a club house in the Broad Road car park? Or just move the poly tunnel over the road and hide it with bushes and small trees? The landscape assessment figure 1 shows huge areas of unused open space around the sewage works which could happily accommodate three gigs at a fraction of the cost. The club seems to me to have fallen into the trap of doing everything to appease the planners and ending with a wonderful but unviable scheme.

Anonymous said...

How are they funding it? I trust Sport England and the lottery are putting in a substantial amounts. Swanage is poorly served by national funding bodies and we get nothing like a fair share.

It is exactly the sort of clever solution to a difficult problem that got written up in the CABE report a few years ago which we were referred to in another thread yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as our town council in its wisdom sold Swanage Bay View for a disputed amount, perhaps it could apply some of the realised largess towards this project which will serve the town and its residents for years to come.

It would be more fitting that frittering away the money on poor governance as will so surely happen. Invest it wisely.

Postman2 said...

29th June 2010
Your support is now required. Please read this note and respond to Purbeck District Council by 12th July 2010


For the past eight years the club has been able to operate from temporary premises – a polytunnel behind the Old Pier Head in Swanage. However, development proposals for this site mean that shortly this base will be lost, forcing the club to close down if an alternative, and ideally permanent site is not found.

Over the past two years the club has been working with Swanage Town Council (STC) to find a permanent site to construct a boat house to store its gigs and equipment. A review of all options concluded the most appropriate site was on land owned by STC on Eldon Road, opposite the current site. STC has agreed to offer this land free of charge to the club and support the planning application.

Scheme Design

The site is outside the settlement boundary and in a conservation area. As such above ground structures are deemed inappropriate by the planning authority. After a careful appraisal of the site and landscape the club’s architect has produced the scheme outlined on the reverse side of this page. This has been well received by the planning authority.


A detailed planning application has been prepared and was submitted to Purbeck District Council recently. This has now been registered and the consultation process has started. If planning consent is granted the club can then start to raise the £250k required to fund the project.

However, it is really important that the club can demonstrate community support in order to secure planning consent. Therefore if you support this project please email/write to Purbeck District Council to register your support. The web link below will take you to the section where you can register. Comments must be received by the 12th July. Type in “Swanage Sea Rowing Club” into the applicant section and it will take you to the correct section to register. The application No is: 6/2010/0374.

Anonymous said...

Decissio due tomorrow Wednesday 11th?

Anonymous said...

Well done they got it.