Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Evening classes

The cost of evening classes run by Dorset County Council appears to have, for the less well-off, shot right through the roof this year.
The concessionary rate for the classes I wanted to sign up for has gone up over four times.
As a pensioner this puts the classes out of my reach.
I have seen no information about why this has come about and the person I spoke at the county council to wasn't very communicative.
Without that evening out pensioners will be even more confined to their homes and their lives less interesting with all the problems that will bring.
Without those on concessionary rates attending classes the numbers will be insufficient to run classes which will be cancelled, to the loss of all who benefit from them.
It looks very much to me that we are seeing the beginning of the end of evening classes.

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Anonymous said...

Sad. You could try this bunch

Anonymous said...

The trouble is that AE really don't see themselves as providing a social outing facility, Wrongly imho but they think their role is skilling for employment.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame AE, it's the Gov't redirecting money into Vocational Ed - esp the Diplomas.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to be done about the lack of funding from government sources unfortunately, but there are other organisations in Swanage who are only to happy to welcome motivated and active people, such as Swanage Museum. We are always looking to extend our volunteer base. For a membership of £5.00 a year we have an interesting program of events during the year. There are regular evening talks on different subjects, family history days, quiz night, and much more. We are holding a fund raising concert on September 19th (Sunday) 3pm to 5 pm at St Mary's Church. Two young up and coming concert pianists from the Royal College are giving their time freely on a return visit, they played for us last year.
You will find the organisation very friendly and meet a nice group of people. We have a website should you care to visit it.
And contrary to last week's report by George Willey we are not closing down because the Tythe Barn is in need of repair. We left there several years ago and are now based at the Swanage Museum and Heritage Centre on the Square and our research facilities are at Marine Villas on the pier where we hold weekly research evenings. We are looking to take over the retail outlet from PDC at the beginning of next year and need active volunteers to run the shop. Just a couple of hours a week (training will be given). Come along and see us.

Best Wishes, Jacqui - volunteer coordinator, Swanage Museum