Wednesday, September 01, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Cosmopoitan Purbeck To Come?

Rumour has it that two ministers, on a reccy for the LibCon Social Integration Study, visited the area incognito recently. They are alleged to have returned to Government with their results of casual population studies in the area.

It is understood that their findings included an estimate of 95% residents in the white european category and visitors around 72%.

Apparently, a more cosmopolitan residential balance is to be sought, especially in Swanage, to cater for the black minorities who are being restricted in making the area their home, yet who vastly populate other parts of the UK.

There is supposed to be a challenge for landlords, (and an inducement) including the housing trusts and so on to redress the balance by offering accommodation to black, ethnic familes and encourage them to move here over and above the fully able-bodied people on benefits who refuse to do the kind of work which the newcomers would welcome. Their children would integrate with local children in the schools and raise the numbers considerably in a short time.

I, for one, would love to rent out my house to a family of up to eight Somalis or Goans as they would appreciate being in a community who would welcome them with open arms. But, I ask myself, would they really be welcome here? What do correspondents think about these fresh government proposals?

Anonymous said...

Please Mr Postman if you decide to post the above could you also post this as the 1st response.

The post begins; Rumour has it....
and ends; What do correspondents think about these fresh government proposals?

Rumour to Gov't proposal in one post!

The only thing the Gov't have said is that they'll give local councils the power to decide who gets housing priority.

Which in a way is a shame as multi cultural communities are great.

Anonymous said...

Clumsy trollery. Thinks we are idiots. Best ignored.

Anonymous said...

This isn't an issue. Swanage is very clear on how it accepts 'outsiders'

Been here less than 30 years, you are a 'ferriner'. Race/ethnicity/religion doesn't come into it.

I know. I have been here 29 years, and still feel excluded.......

Personally, I would like to see a good Indian and a good Thai restaurant in town. Yum.

Anonymous said...

I read on the Dorset Forum about a rumour going around about the seeming close Swanage or Wareham Police station closing this winter.

I've heard this before, but wondered if it was true this time?

Anonymous said...

Could be some truth in that post? Who knows what is around the corner, why is there such a need to build more houses in Purbeck, as some detailed plans bring debate?

Government money could be on it's way here to build 'affordable' homes on Herston Fields specifically for immigrant families. Rumour can often have some substance.

Anonymous said...

Just spotted this great new Dorset music video on The Gazette website under 'Fun Stuff' - very funny indeed, especially the 'Mr Sandbanks' video they reference but have not put on the site - for obvious reasons when you watch it!
Great local stuff!

Anonymous said...

The cost of evening classes run by Dorset County Council appears to have, for the less well-off, shot right through the roof this year.
The concessionary rate for the classes I wanted to sign up for has gone up over four times.
As a pensioner this puts the classes out of my reach.
I have seen no information about why this has come about and the person I spoke at the county council to wasn't very communicative.
Without that evening out pensioners will be even more confined to their homes and their lives less interesting with all the problems that will bring.
Without those on concessionary rates attending classes the numbers will be insufficient to run classes which will be cancelled, to the loss of all who benefit from them.
It looks very much to me that we are seeing the beginning of the end of evening classes.

Anonymous said...

Well the Mr Sandbanks video is amusing in its own ignorant type way but lets not forget that the inhabitants of Sandbanks, whatever we may think of them, bring some employment and prosperity to the area. They use local shops, bars and restaurants, employ locals to tend to their designer gardens and repair their boats etc.... We could probably do with a few such dwellings in Swanage- not that it would have the appeal I suspect.

Swanage Evening WI said...

Swanage Evening WI are holding a Coffee Morning and Table Top Sale in Aid of HEROES HAVEN at the Catholic Hall, Rempstone Road, Swanage on Saturday 2nd October from 10am until 12.

Anonymous said...

Has this blog died?

R.I.P swanageview. You were a lot of fun when people loved you.

Anonymous said...

Swanage Floods 1990

Saw this link and brought the memories 'flooding back' ......

Anonymous said...

At last it proves outsiders kill our local comunities:

This is my favourite bit.

And it said the closures reflected a declining demand for services in villages where local families had been priced out of the area by wealthy commuters, pensioners and second-home owners.

About sums up what some of us have been saying for years.

Anonymous said...

8.52 Absolutely right. I remember Langton when it had a bakers (Whites), an iron mongers and a garage for petrol amongst other shops. The other influence has been the supermarkets and chain stores who sell goods more cheaply and entice the locals and visitors in their cars away from local businesses. Like it or not that seems to be Britain in 2010.

There are signs that villages may return to vibrancy where there are a significant number of locals however. Take a look at Hurstpierpoint in Sussex where there is a bustling collection of local businesses. The village needs to be sizable with a strong community spirit for this to happen.

Anonymous said...

Hurstpierpoint Average asking prices

1 Bed Flats £151,656
2 Bed Flats £199,904
2 Bed Houses £267,680
3 Bed Houses £351,593
4 Bed Houses £582,111

I guess that there wont be too many locals there!

Anonymous said...

New Subject

Purbeck District Council Special Meeting at Purbeck School 5th October 7pm

If you don't go along and let PDC planning (Core Strategy) know your wishes then don't complain about it when its too late.

Anonymous said...

Another example of co-ordination and forward planning. The Sandbanks Ferry is is going to be off for most of November for maintenance and the railway bridge at Norden will be under repair at the same time with traffic controlled by lights and a 40 mile an hour speed limit. How on earth the Highways people at DCC did not twist arms to avoid this I do not know. You would think it was an elementary enough intervention to make.

Stephen Foote said...

Say NO to 900 houses in Swanage

Today (Nov 1) marks the beginning of the next round of 'Planning Purbeck's Future': Core Strategy Pre-Submission Public Consultation. The Core Strategy is the blueprint for planning policy in Purbeck between 2006 and 2027.

We have had plenty of debate about Herston Fields which was part of the previous consultation. Let's set that aside for the time being, and just look at the figures: PDC aim to deliver 900 houses (mainly in Swanage), between 2006 and 2027. Of these 900, 250 have been built already, 190 have planning permission, 260 sites have been identified under "character appraisal" (ie infill within the town), and the final tranche of 200 which the 'Where Shall We Build in Swanage & Corfe Castle?' consultation addressed. This last tranche of 200 houses are to be built on settlement extensions (ie greenfield sites such as Herston and other sites yet "to be identified")

34% of ALL new build in the whole of Purbeck has been in Swanage since 1996. These new 900 houses, would represent an expansion of the town of 20% and this seems to be an unfair burden. Truly affordable housing for local people to rent or buy is all that is needed in Swanage.

We all know that the A351 is already heavily congested, and a planning inspector recommended in 2002 that no further devlopment should happen in Swanage until the A351 problems had been addressed. Nothing has changed and it is clear that the infrastructure is not in place to cope with an increased population. Then there is also the question of where all these new residents are going to work!

How on earth this "Public Consultation" is even remotely accessible to anyone without an intricate knowledge of planning procedure is beyond me. Top down decision making is alive and well in Purbeck.

To try to take take part visit this address:

Oh, and if you need any help Purbeck District Council are offering 'briefings on how to complete these forms and the process involved' in Wareham (2) Swanage (1). See you at the Mowlem on the 18th November at 7pm.