Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trading Standards

In case you're interested, I see that Dorset County Council has started an initiative where they vet traders, so you can deal with someone you can trust. The scheme's called 'Buy with Confidence' and I imagine that members will display the logo for all to see. More info on website, or cal 08454 040506


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that a public government body would in effect be providing a marketing measure for businesses, down to the point of providing an enquirer with a list of businesses, ordered by distance from the enquirer's post code.

It also raises the expectation that any business not on the list could be viewed as untrustworthy, while it is applying to inclusion, or may simply chhose not to participate. It is a sort of reverse 'shame and blame' - 'name and praise?'.

I also wonder whether the council/Trading Standards are liable for any misrepresentation that may occur on this website? It can never be 100% accurate. How ironic it would be if DTS fell foul of its own rules!

If run effectively, I can see the benefits. Who pays for all the vetting? It must be a substantial cost.

Anonymous said...

DCC only use their chosen contractors. For this they often pay over the odds, use people who are not local, and sometimes its shoddy workmanship.

Word of mouth (around these parts) works much better. Ask a local who is the best plumber, carpenter etc. You will be told !

Anonymous said...

Who pays for all the vetting? It must be a substantial cost.

It will be us once again..the tax payers ! Programme on radio 2 today discussed Council newspapers. Majority of people responding thought that these papers should be stopped. I agree, it really bugs me eg. 'Dorset for You'. In many cases, its not how we would like to see Dorset at all, its how DCC decide Dorset should be for us ! It records all the wonderful things that DCC have done, and rarely gives a balanced view..why would it, it exists to show us what a wonderful job DCC is doing.
ie. Many people objected to the Weymouth by pass, compulsory purchase orders were taken out on farmers land, woodland was desicrated, the ridgeway was bulldozed and much wildlife was destroyed. But, the picture shown in the Dorset For You paper, was a group of school children peering at ancient artifacts dug up on the hill.