Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Swanage Floods 1990

Saw this link and brought the memories 'flooding back' ......

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure that there are many people in Swanage who won't need this reminder! The flood alleviation scheme was built after the 1990 floods. Does anyone know what volume of water the two bunds on the outskirts of town and the shallow one at St Georges Field can cope with? Wasn't there some flooding in 2002? With a projected increase in annual rainfall and proposed large scale development on floodplain at Herston surely flooding in the future is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

The only time that there has been a tad of flooding since the upgrade was when someone pressed the wrong button. They quickly realised this and pushed the right button. Swanage did not flood.

Relief work has been done for the new Ind Est and more will be done for the Herston Fields proposal.

Why are you asking us?

Why not ask Wessex Water and PDC?

However 1990, working at Langton House, entertaining 30+ psychiatrically deranged teenagers with no electricity - it was fun. NOT.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall that there was some flooding in the Kings Road and Eldons Terrace area in September 2002. This was as a result of torrential rain causing the drains to overflow, as opposed to the Swanbrook breaking its banks - the problem in 1990 and now eliminated by the alleviation scheme.

Anonymous said...

I think you should be very careful accusing residents in Langton house as being dearranged.
i was there in 1983 till 1985 where residents were being punched kicked and abused by staff on a daily basis.
people were being drugged up and locked away in a tiny room.
staff use to come in and stamp on peoples stomachs until they were violently sick.
we were placed there by local authorities to which we were all lied to.
you cant start to imagine the pain and suffering we all went through.
female residents were raped by male staff and were told to keep their mouths shut while males suffered cuts bruises broken bones at the hands of staff.
people outside claim we are twisted and sick but that is compleatly untrue.
we are just as normal as anyone else in this world and i take a rather dim view of people in langton house being classed as you so put it as DEARRANGED.
you do not know the first thing about langton house and what went on behind locked doors and if you did know what was going on then you would not had published such an artical on here.
just to let readers know langton house was closed down after youth parliament did a two year investigation into langton house which was owned by ami.
abuse was witnessed by the investigators and sadly two friends of mine committed suicide

Anonymous said...

I have read what the person said in relation to the treatment of residents at Langton House to which I myself saw the local news in relation to the unit to which the unit was shut down in 1992 following numerous complaints of abuse by staff.
I find using the word in relation to teenagers as derannged and offensive and uncalled for as the unit was set up for teenagers whom were in authority care to whom most were abused by family members and had a very rough life.
Most people can not imagine what life was like for those poor souls before entering into that place and no one can imagine the torment and suffering that those teenagers went through.
The way I see it is if you have had a good childhood free from local authority and never been abused then you can not imagine how that person feels when being abused.
I fully understand where this person is coming from in relation to the abuse and being in that place which is now owned by bond lettings must had been hell.
And as for the person whom placed that comment on here about being derranged should investigate that claim first and get the right info before putting teenagers down as i find that remark insulting.
I would like to think in this age we live in that abuse had been stamped out and I hope its victims get the justice they deserve00