Monday, November 21, 2011

IT FAYRE for Seniors Saturday 26th November, 10 to 3pm

IT FAYRE for Seniors Saturday 26th November, 10 to 3pm

Emmanuel Baptist Church - Howard Road (opposite Jewsons)

There are still 5.7 million people over 65 who have never accessed the internet. Many fear computers and think the skills needed are beyond them. Most have no idea of how vast and fascinating are the things that can be done. Many are not aware of the special facilities for those with difficulties in sight, hearing or control.
We are holding an IT Fayre in Swanage where you will be able to meet other seniors like you and see what they are doing.
Technology is so important and can offer older people numerous benefits, such as keeping in contact with loved ones more easily, capturing important moments in life, shopping without leaving home and so much more.
Free transport is available, including disabled access and refreshments on the day. If you are already using the internet and computer technology why not spread the word and tell your non-IT friends what we are doing !

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Reece de Ville said...

Brilliant! Good luck with this guys - really great to see such an event on.

SillyWhim said...

This makes my day! Well done to all who are making this possible.

Silver Surfers rule!

Anonymous said...

All credit to the organisers!