Sunday, November 27, 2011

Save Wareham Playing Fields!

Not so much a Swanage issue , though some of us still use them as I do , my son plays for Wareham Rangers Football Club. And it would be a great shame for all these fields to go. The teams would be gutted if this happened:(

Show your support please and let's keep our green belt land and at least for the kids sake anyway. Thank you

Link to a site.

Posted by David Furmage to swanageview at 26/11/11 10:51 P


SillyWhim said...


With all our soon-tobe former middle school kiddies to be shipped to Wareham (and Bovington's, and Sandford's, too) Wareham should be adding playing fields! Since Wareham seems to be the 'magnet town' for kids' needs (not that we asked for that!), and seeing as it is smaller than Swanage, then Wareham should have lots MORE room for sports activities. It cannot have it both ways.

PDC..wake up!!!

David Furmage said...

Well said ;) I mean they go on about kids have nothing to do , well you can see why when everything they use is being stripped from them:(

Anonymous said...

The Wareham Middle School Field is owned by Dorset County Council.

Keep your eyes focussed on Swanage too - DCC land could be lost in a similar way.

David Furmage said...

A very good turn out at our demo at Wareham today , the press and South today was there . Tis good now it's raising a profile. People if you want to object to the proposals , please email Dorset County Council by the 16 December.

Thank you;)