Tuesday, November 01, 2011

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Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy gone mad.

Can anyone remember when the Ferry Company put up parking meters along the Ferry Road in Studland, and DCC had a turn and made them take them down?
Well now DCC propose pay and display parking for themselves along Durlston Road and Lighthouse Road!
but link isn't working yet...

Anonymous said...

Sewage washes up.

These were the front page headlines for all to see in this weeks "local" Advertiser. My initial reaction was what a pity it was for this to receive such prominence and how it would do nothing to attract visitors to our town where the local businesses work so hard to make it a nice place to come to. It was only when I got almost to the end of the article that I saw it referred to Chesil Cove which I believe is the other side of Portland. Why does our "local" paper have to print such scaremongering as its main headline when it is nothing to do with Swanage?

The Postman said...

Re Sewage// consistent with your argument, I shan't post this...

David Furmage said...

Thing is the sewage problem does have to do with swanage as the alerts system from Surfers against sewage went of more than 10 times during the summer for swanage. So it's a problem that just won't wash away;(

David Furmage said...

Olympic Torch to visit Dorset;)


Be nice as a town to do something for this:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Mowlem on the wonderful article in the Echo!


Swanage Senior Forum said...

IT FAYRE for Seniors Saturday 26th November, 10 to 3pm

Emmanuel Baptist Church - Howard Road (opposite Jewsons)

There are still 5.7 million people over 65 who have never accessed the internet. Many fear computers and think the skills needed are beyond them. Most have no idea of how vast and fascinating are the things that can be done. Many are not aware of the special facilities for those with difficulties in sight, hearing or control.
We are holding an IT Fayre in Swanage where you will be able to meet other seniors like you and see what they are doing.
Technology is so important and can offer older people numerous benefits, such as keeping in contact with loved ones more easily, capturing important moments in life, shopping without leaving home and so much more.
Free transport is available, including disabled access and refreshments on the day. If you are already using the internet and computer technology why not spread the word and tell your non-IT friends what we are doing !

Anonymous said...

European Human Rights
“Article 1 of the First Protocol: Protection of Property
Every natural or legal person is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of his possessions. Article 1 of the First Protocol is a qualified right. It protects your right to the peaceful enjoyment of your property. The article refers to ‘possessions’ which has a wider meaning than just land and property interests. You should note that although the article refers to ‘enjoyment’ of possessions, it does not guarantee the right to live in a pleasant environment. However, if the interference is very severe and has a significant detrimental effect on the value of the property, the interference may amount to a partial deprivation of that property for which compensation should be paid (Rayner v UK 1986).”

It is a proven fact that property values and quality of life are detrimentally affected by Traveller Sites, (ergo Dale Farm), so what of Swanage property values ? Therefore, PDC, DCC, UK Government and/or Brussels should be petitioned to compensate residents for loss in the value of their property and/or quality of life which will be adversely affected by the proposed Traveller Sites?

Houseofmowlem said...

Can someone solve this puzzle for me.

For months now at WH Smith the flat above has been leaking water. This has been going on since the summer yet still it drips drips drips.

Someone has even built a heath robinson gutter system to try and get the water away form the shop.

Now why cannot the leak be stopped at source which i assume is the flat above.

This has been bugging me for ages so would be interested on any info.

David Furmage said...

Save Wareham Playing Fields.!

Not so much a Swanage issue , though some of us still use them as I do , my son plays for Wareham Rangers Football Club. And it would be a great shame for all these fields to go. The teams would be gutted if this happened:(

Show your support please and let's keep our green belt land and at least for the kids sake anyway. Thank you

Link to a site. http://www.wareham-whalers.org.uk/wsop/pages/index.htm

Swanage Senior Forum said...

A Sprinkle of White Christmas

Swanage Area Senior Forum is going out on a seasonal limb for our December gathering. We are proud to present the amazing entertainer Trisha Lewis in 'A Sprinkle of White Christmas', a sparkling trip down memory lane. For just £3, which includes festive refreshments, you can listen, laugh and sing-a-long with Trisha.
She has been described as giving a 'spellbinding performance' (Bath Chronicle), 'enthralling' (Lancashire Evening Post) and 'an actress who equally makes us laugh or cry' (Western Gazette). If you haven't seen or heard Trisha Lewis perform, then you are in for a very special treat, so don't miss out on this chance to kick off the festive season and join Swanage Senior Forum members in a heartwarming evening's entertainment.
Everyone is welcome – whatever your age !
We will also be having a Christmas raffle with lovely prizes, which will be drawn as you munch on mince pies and enjoy mulled wine.
So – make a date to join us and put this event in your diary NOW: Wednesday 7th December, 7 til 9pm, Emmanuel Church, Howard Road, Swanage. For transportation or further information 07971 338486.

Anonymous said...

Strange Tasting Tap Water

Several people in the High Street in Herston have experienced a very strange chemical taste in their tap water today. Wessex Water have been contacted but are suggesting that the fault lies with tap washers, extensions, fittings or elements in kettles. None of these apply in this case. If you have expeienced a water quality problem today could you please contact Wessex Water and ask to speak to Teresa on 0845 600 4 600

benn said...

The National Trust Studland program on the BBC.

Can anyone help me. I am looking for a copy of the program the BBC aired a few years ago about the management at Studland by the National Trust. If anyone has a copy that I could copy for use with geography students at Leeson House I would be very grateful.

Thank you

Ben Keen

David Furmage said...

Swanage cyclist killed , driver pleads guilty.

Thoughts go out to his family as the legal side continues , at a time of the year when he will be especially missed by family and the cycling community :(


David Furmage said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone and hope you all have a good one and that Santa brings you much joy and happeness. And have a good new year :)