Thursday, March 17, 2005

Swanage architecture

Beauty, and I suppose truth, lie in the eye of the beholder. Whenever passions are aroused by a threat/offer to demolish an old building I am reminded of the artist Paul Nash's acerbic desription of Swanage in the 30s. The inhabitants, he wrote, instinctively look over at the cliffs when they stand talking on the seafront, in order not to see the "Purbeckian/weslyian/gothic" horrors of the town. Now everybody want to preserve these horrors!Perhaps we could have a new thread on Swanageview for nominations for the ugliest building in town. We are spoilt for choice. Taking into account its surroundings I suggest the Post Office.

Posted by Keith Roker to swanage view at 3/17/2005 03:38:14 PM

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Anonymous said...

I nominate:
1) The ice cream huts on Swanage beach.
2) The portacabins in the Pier.
3) The red brick flats on Seymer Road, just above Osborne House.