Thursday, March 03, 2005

Traffic wardens?

Some time ago I posted an invitation for Swanage townsfolk to tell me if anyone has seen a traffic warden in Swanage. No one came forward, the assumption being?

I have heard there are such beings, and that they really do exist. I find this hard to beleive. Fairies in my garden..Fine, we have some of them?...I Think?

But Traffic wardens? Come off it! They are mythical figures of someones imagination...Created, methinks to give an impression.

Perhaps we could have some cardboard cutouts of these mythical beings stood on street corners, for that seems to me to be the nearest we will get.

Now about these Fairies at the bottom of the garden?
Dancing Ledge.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 3/3/2005 11:17:31 AM


Anonymous said...

You are joking of course. Perhaps you only come into town when it rains. I see the wardens almost every dry day. They park in De Moulham road mid morning and take a leisurely stroll through the town twice.

The mystery is where they go when it rains. My guess is that they go to a nice dry indoor shopping mall and put tickets on the cars there. The other mystery is why they go round in pairs. Its a little like the old joke about why there was always three cops on duty in Soviet police stations. One to answer the phone, one to tell the time and one to keep an eye on two dangerous intellectuals. Is Swanage really so hazardous that the cost of ticketing illegally parked cars has to be doubled?

Theres nothing the visitors like as much as a note from the ticket office telling them they have oferstayed their welcome. Brings them back year after year.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they go to where the Coppers used to go when it was cold and raining.The bakeries!

Or if there was an engineering workshop on night shift, A little toddle round the canteen, a natter, and a long cup of tea?

Got quite friendly with them years ago.
Dancing Ledge.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there are traffic wardens to be seen almost every day - including yesterday, when I had a lucky escape from a perfectly "innocent" parking place that some idiot from DCC had seen fit to yellow line.
You must be one of the only people in existence who actually wants to see traffic wardens.

Anonymous said...

Traffic Wardens ~ Parking Attendants can be disturbed at 01258 450 447