Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Purbeck plans: Core Strategy

Core Strategy Meeting to be continued:

Next meeting Tuesday 12 October 6pm - Westport House, Wareham.

The Core Strategy meeting held at the Purbeck School on Tuesday 5th was attended by hundreds. Many people could not get into the hall and stood listening from outside the room. The meeting was adjourned at midnight, to be continued next Tuesday. See summary in Comment 4 below.

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Anonymous said...

For a laugh try reading last policy thing, now about 21 years old. Despite all the minor discrepancies these are the big ones IMHO:
1989 Railway: “the track is to be relaid over the next two years to link up with BR”.
1989 Sports Centre: “a site” “has been identified”.
1989 Commercial Road: “No residential use”!!!!!
1989 Marina: No mention despite previous policy advocating “creation of a yacht-haven which would encourage visitors”.
1989 Affordable housing: “housing development can be a problem” –“ where it includes, for eg, damaging incursions into the countryside”

Anonymous said...

So that people in 2030 have something to complain about!!!!

Anonymous said...

an outside view:

The Postman said...

A brief update from the meeting on Tuesday 5th October.

1. Wareham supermarket on Worgret Road site: thrown out. (Swanage proposal was not on the table)

2. Wareham: 200 houses (80 affordable) on Worgret Road site: approved in principle (subject to planning approval etc)

3. Grammar School site: deferred for further debate.

4. Herston Fields: had already been determined that it would not be in the next round of the Core Strategy consultation. But there is a proposal to consider this further through a Site Allocations Policy starting 2011 (whatever that means). This was deferred to be debated prior to the next PDC meeting, at 6pm on Tuesday 12th October.

5. Other sites in Purbeck were also debated:

Policeman's Lane, Upton: 70 dwellings (28 affordable): approved in principle;

Huntick Road, Lychett Matravers: 50 dwellings (20 affordable): approved in principle.

(Meeting adjourned at midnight)

The Postman said...

PDC Press Release: Purbeck District Council makes important decisions for the district

At a packed Special Council Meeting, Purbeck District Council Members took steps to shape future development in the district.

Over 400 people attended the meeting, which was adjourned after midnight and which saw impassioned members of the community speak against proposals for a new supermarket and housing. The meeting will continue on Tuesday 12 October at 6pm at the Council’s Wareham offices when approval will be sought for further consultation on sites in Swanage, Bere Regis, Wool, Bovington and Corfe Castle.

Councillors voted against allocating a 2,000 square metre supermarket on the outskirts of Wareham but reminded people that the threat of a large out-of- town store still exists as there is nothing stopping developers submitting a planning application.

Everyone agreed that affordable housing for future generations is a necessity in Purbeck, although the public were concerned about damage to the natural environment. After weighing up the facts, Council took the decision to release small sections of green belt sites for housing at Policeman’s Lane, Upton; Huntick Road, Lytchett Matravers; and Worgret Road, Wareham in its draft Core Strategy.

The Core Strategy is a planning blueprint which would guide development in the district up to the year 2026. Without the Core Strategy, the Council would have less control on where development could be built in the district, leaving developers able to get council decisions preventing development overturned by appeal.

After a five-year process, the Core Strategy was presented for consultation in the summer of 2010 when it detailed possible sites for development in the district. Members are tasked with agreeing the final look of the Core Strategy before it goes out for final public consultation in November 2010 prior to submission to the Secretary of State next year.

The Council has already agreed a target of 2,400 dwellings for the period 2006-2026. Since 2006, 760 dwellings have been built and 360 dwellings have been granted planning permission. There is, therefore, a requirement for 1,280 further dwellings to be built up to the year 2026. This equates to 80 dwellings per year, halving past building rates of 150 dwellings per year

There are over 1,600 people on the housing waiting list but, due the environmental regulations and market pressures this need would not be met in full. Council policy would ensure that around 40-50% of the new homes would be “affordable” through shared ownership and other schemes.

Councillor Martyn Colvey, Built Environment Spokesperson for Purbeck District Council, said: “There are considerable environmental constraints within the district which restrict development but there is also a lack of housing for local people. The Core Strategy gives us the opportunity to provide affordable housing now and for future generations whilst protecting the district as we know it. We must progress the Core Strategy to avoid ‘planning by appeal’ at all costs which would leave Purbeck vulnerable to developers”.

At the meeting, Councillors chose not to allocate the former grammar school site in Swanage to allow further investigation into the potential of re-using the premises for a free school under new government education proposals.

The conclusion of the Special Council Meeting takes place at 6pm on Tuesday 12 October at the Council offices in Westport House, Worgret Road, Wareham. It will consider the principle of further consultation to find sites for new housing at Swanage, Bere Regis, Wool, Bovington and Corfe Castle

The Postman said...

"Councillors chose not to allocate the former grammar school site in Swanage to allow further investigation into the potential of reusing the premises for a free school under new government education proposals."

If I read this right, then good news for Education Swanage, but, then that means bad news for Herston Fields, or no housing for Swanage.

Oh, choices choices!

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The Postman said...

It just means that the subject was deferred for further decisons either way

Anonymous said...

It just means that the subject was deferred for further decisons either way

And this is what it needs, much more debate. What a shame that the Core Strategy requested that landowners and developers should bring forward their land for potential development. This land has now become speculative and is no longer being viewed as being for agricultural, recreational use alone. The market/saleable value of local farmland has recently rocketed. Local producers are unable to afford to buy even an acre of agricultural land from which to run their local businesses. Farm land is now being sold to developers and speculators for potential market housing.

Why is a consultation carried out, after the horse has bolted. The community, Town and Parish Councils didn't have the chance to be proactive. So the outcome, once again, is that over 400 people turned up to say they didn't agree with the plans. There could have been another way, but it seems that ordinary people are not to be trusted to know what is best for Purbeck.

We are not NIMBY's we are just ordinary people that care about where we live. Is the Postman able to confirm the latest news regarding the percentage of affordable housing? The carrot of50% affordable was promised and now its 40%. It seems it could go much lower than this.

Potentially all market housing could sit empty as do many other properties throughout Purbeck.

The Regional Spatial Strategy was thankfully dropped, why is there a will to continue with this present 'Purbeck Core Strategy'.

The Postman said...


"One potential housing site in Swanage is a former grammar school which local group Education Swanage would like to open as a free school under the government's Big Society scheme.

Council members agreed to defer a decision about the land until next year, pending the success of the education proposal."

If I read this right, then good news for Education Swanage, but, then that means bad news for Herston Fields, or, no housing for Swanage.

Oh, choices choices!

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Anonymous said...

And at this weeks conclusion to the meeting PDC councillors voted to put 200 houses into Swanage... Nobody seems to have picked up on that. The ratio supposedly 1:1 open market to affordable.

The next round of the consultation begins on November 1st for 6 weeks - this is the Site Allocation Plan... this is where they start pinning down the sites to build on. Herston and the Grammar school have both been deferred until later next year, pending the outcome of Village Green applications and Education Swanages proposals.

The Postman said...

"...PDC councillors voted to put 200 houses into Swanage.."

Can you clarify that please? Where were these to be built? I thought the Grammar School site had been deferred for further debate, and the Herston site was shelved for 12 months or so before further debate..and that there were no other sites on the table.

Anonymous said...

Where are they going to be built?

New thread perhaps?

I haven't got a clue, I guess thats why there are doing the next part of the consultation - Site Allocation! Apparently at least one new site has become "available" and there are others that may be on the cards...

The point is, surely, why do we want anything other than "affordable homes"

The Postman said...

So the councillors didn't in fact vote for 200 houses...?

Anonymous said...

The council voted in principle for 200 houses on the edge of Swanage. This will be included in the final draft of the Core Strategy.