Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Durlston Country Park

Thought this worth repeating from today's Durlston Diary:

" ...A Roe Deer was flushed out of its cover in Saxon field by a dog whose owner was not in sight. When gently asked to please keep it under control as there are also ground-nesting Skylarks in the southern half of the field the response was ‘he’s very friendly and doesn’t chase birds’ and ‘I understand about the Skylarks, my husband and I are environmentalists’ – followed by walking diagonally through the middle of the Skylark territories. If this is peoples idea of environmentalism this species long-term future looks grim."

Why can' t people realise that the rules do apply to them - not just other people?


Robin from Swanage said...

Don't we know it? At Beach Gardens how many people go on to the tennis courts without paying,pay for one hour and play for two, cycle on the footpath and the putting green,bring their own golf clubs and play golf on the putting green without paying, demand a game of golf after closing time, swear at the attendants, block the path with their cars, bring their dog on to the bowling green and then throw a tantrum and complain to the Council when challenged. Some of these are the so called pillars of society. Then they wonder why there is a problem of anti-social behaviour in the town.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the council need to tackle these issues as we shouldn't be paying council tax for these people to have free tennis and putting. How about an attendant doing the rounds or CCTV if it is a real problem?