Thursday, May 17, 2012

Swanage Senior Forum meeting 23 May

'CONSERVATION IN ACTION' - next Swanage Area Senior Forum meeting 23rd May

Swanage Senior Forum is privileged to have HEATHER BELL as our guest speaker on Wednesday 23rd May. She will give a fascinating presentation showing clips from her DVDs of two local projects covering the 2005/6 Swanage Beach makeover plus the exciting story of the Durlston Castle Restoration Project which takes us on a journey showing how it was brought back to its former glory.

You may remember some of the grumblings against the idea of trying to improve our bit of coastline, and you only have to look and see what these improvements have meant for all of us today.

Durlston Country Park, National Nature Reserve and Castle, is a jewel in the Jurassic crown of our area and age or infirmity should no longer be a barrier for any of us with the exciting new improvements that have been made to give easier access for all. Durlston is a fabulous 280 acre countryside paradise, including down land, hay meadows, fascinating wildlife and flowers. It boasts stunning views, accessible walking trails and the newly renovated Durlston Castle, where there is always something different to see and do. Or you can simply sit and have a cup of tea inside or outside on the terrace and admire the view.

Come and hear and see Heather Bell and find out how it all came to pass – and be enthused to take advantage of the wonderful area in which we live.




Transport Details: Tel: - 07971 338486 or 01929 426127


Robin from Swanage said...

The kiosk that serves light snacks and tea outside Durlston Castle was closed yesterday lunch time. 7thwave is not too keen on just serving tea especially inside the restaurant.

There were floodlights over the Great Globe yesterday and there will be free dancing there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

At the last talk for the Purbeck Society the speaker agreed that there were issues with the restaurant. Otherwise the two projects have gone very well and are great assets to the community.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that 'getting things right with restaurants' is a fine art in Swanage. So many new ones seem to find it hard to locate their niche in Swanage's unique market.

Of course, the economy and the weather do not help new ventures such as this one, either.

Anonymous said...

How is Swanage a unique market?

Anonymous said...

End of the road. No through traffic. Day visitors restricted by ferry times (high end restaurants cannot attract people from Sandbanks/Poole/Bournemouth unless dinner over by 10.15 p.m.). Local wages low/property costs high ergo less disposable income. Tourist numbers dependent upon season and weather. I could go on but that is a start.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't make it unique. And you can drive around if the ferry has stopped.

Robin from Swanage said...

If it is difficult to get it right in Swanage how did the Mowlem Restaurant get it right in the 1970s, how is the Swanage Railway getting it right with the Wessex Belle and the British Legion with their Sunday lunch?

I overheard this conversation at a new cafe in Swanage. There are plenty of people with money in Swanage. We want them to come in, have their food and leave quickly. We do not want lots of youngsters buying cups of tea and hanging around for hours.

7thwave know what their customers want. Durlston Country Park have told them they want a cafe with reasonably priced food during the day and a restaurant in the evening. If that is not enough 7thwave should read the comments in the visitors book and the Gazette. 7thwave have been told to provide a walker's menu but this has been postponed month after month and walkers are not going there any more. On Wednesday they could have made £25 just by giving the ten people in my walking group a cup of tea but the group did not want to go in because of the restaurant's reputation.

Do the people who run restaurants realise that there are not many rich people in Swanage. Those who are are rich because they do not waste their money paying £8.50 for a round of sandwiches. Some restaurants are catering for a market that does not exist.

Who is going to drive to Durlston, pay for parking and then go to a restaurant which is not as good as some of the restaurants in Swanage?

Anonymous said...

how this silly man can compare a commercial restaurant to the british legion just shows where swanage is in the scheme of things. One day the fog may lift!