Friday, May 18, 2012

Miscellaneous chit-chat!

I wonder if there's a place for a thread to deal with things that may not be worth putting up as a 'New subject'? Here it is


Anonymous said...

last updated Fri 18 May 2012 UK Purbeck Isle missing RNLI lifeboats are continuing their search for a missing fishing boat The Purbeck Isle and its three-man crew off the coast of Dorset.

A major search ten miles south of Portland resumed at 5am this morning. RNLI lifeboats, coastguard helicopters and a Royal Navy warship have been involved. The fishing boat had gone to check and re-lay crab pots.

Mark Rodaway from Portland Coastguard told The West Country Tonight they're determined to do all they can to find the missing boat and men on board:

The Purbeck Isle, which is from Weymouth, was reported missing just after 17.30 on Thursday 18th May after it failed to return to port at its expected time.

The Coastguard helicopter commenced a search from the air of known fishing grounds of this vessel as soon as we were alerted. We have also searched all evening utilising the skills of the lifeboat crew and the crews of the Navy warships and the electronic search aids at their disposal.

– Cindy Rodaway, Watch Manager, Portland Coastguard

Hope they find the crew safe and well

The Postman said...

Anonymous said...
Are the Swanage Railway Wessex Belle and Birds Nest catering services competing unfairly with the other restaurants in Swanage by using volunteer labour or are the Swanage Railway meal prices set so that they do not compete on price?

Yes they are. staffing costs are a major factor in pricing and running a bussines, also the birds nest was recently refurbished, charities seem able to do that. The Con club and legion also have slight advantages.

19/5/12 9:23 AM
Anonymous said...
Hope you don't mind I've lifted the photo of the bay because it's a great shot of our bungalow.

19/5/12 4:26 PM
Anonymous said...

If you order food at a pub should the staff tell you that there is going to be a delay of over 30 minutes before it is ready? If so should the staff tell you after or before you have paid?

20/5/12 8:41 AM
Anonymous said...
If you order food at a pub should the staff tell you that there is going to be a delay of over 30 minutes before it is ready? If so should the staff tell you after or before you have paid?

if food is prepared fresh then 30 mins or so is about right I waited 18 mins in maccyd the other day so theres a comparrison.

20/5/12 9:29 AM
Anonymous said...

How many cyclists did you see today in the section of Shore Road between Victoria Avenue and the Mowlem where all traffic. including bicycles, is banned? What action, if any, should the Police take?

20/5/12 4:18 PM
David Furmage said...
So what if cyclists ride along the beach? During the day I totally agree , though I thought this was the wardens job to patrol? At night though when no one is around then I reckon you should be able to cycle it. Do what they do along Bournemouth 10am between 6 pm no cycling. I must say this should also include mobilty cars aswell. One rule for all vechiles:)

20/5/12 8:40 PM
Robin from Swanage said...
I was walking along the road in the part of Shore Road that was closed to traffic. For some reason I was not expecting a cyclist to come up behind and I did not hear him coming. He ran into me at low speed and swore at me for getting in his way. That is why I would like to see the rule enforced. I also saw a young cyclist run over a disabled boy. The boy was knocked to the ground but not badly hurt. He had to be helped to his feet.

The beach wardens do tell cyclists not to cycle but they just dismount and then get back on their bikes a few yards down the road.

If a rule cannot be enforced it should not be made.

21/5/12 8:02 AM
Anonymous said...
Have you had a bad experience somewhere in town?

Generally half an hour is acceptable. If the staff know there will be a wait of more than half an hour I would like to be told.

However as someone who works in the trade I am possibly somewhat more understanding of a delay if I can see the place is busy.

21/5/12 2:35 PM