Friday, May 11, 2012

Miscellaneous chit-chat!

I wonder if there's a place for a thread to deal with things that may not be worth putting up as a 'New subject'? Here it is.


Anonymous said...

Here's my chit-chat:

Today's (Friday's) Times travel page featured Swanage as a choice destination. It seemed to get things more or less on the money.

Anonymous said...

Friday p.m.-

There seem to be a lot of beer swilling 'yoof' down at the beach, being attended to by the boys and girls in blue.....

Are they our yoof, or from elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Last night (Saturday) I counted 12 motor caravans parked along Shore Road.

This morning, 11 were still there, indicating that campers were using it as a campsite - for free.

Well, fine, if that is what we want. But where do they dump rubbish - along the bins on Shore Road? Where do they empty their toilet waste - on the beach?

Is this a new problem, or does the town council sanction this? If they do, what do the rate-paying businesses which cater for transient caravans think about this freebee which seems to be allowed?

Anonymous said...

How about tha thread to which all those "it would be nice if..." comments could be sent and ignored.

David Furmage said...

Yesterday I counted 15 yachts in the bay and this morning there was 8 left , so they stayed overnight. Indicating that boats park in the bay for free.

Well that's fine too:) but where do the put their rubbish ? Where does their toilet waste go too?
This is nothing new , though if they had campers we moan about them . So is it time that the revenue lost in docking fees , though not in any Other harbours as they have marinas.

Is it about time this is dealt And build a Marina , as my view is blithed by yachts and their cheapstake owners. Just a thought

Anonymous said...

Is Dave a 'Blithed Spirit', (sic)?

Dave: access to the sea is free, as is navigation upon it. Roads are taxed through road fund and other means and have specific rules and laws governing their use. There is a difference between use of the sea and Shore Road, my friend, and the issue of overnight camping/parking has been discussed before at STC meetings. So - it was a fair question.

David Furmage said...

As was the question of where does rubbish go and toilet waste. Though a Marina is a viable income that the town itself could do with. If certain people feel the way they do about campers , certain people feel the same about the yachts. If we accommodate for yachts , why not accommodate For campers aswell, instead of trying to push them away from visiting Swanage. A one fixed rate overnight parking in our car parks would be a great idea. Or if not get rid of all parking along the seafront altogether .

Anonymous said...

All those ideas have been discusssed in STC meetings and in the blog before.....much moaning and gnashing of teeth but still the camping vans pile in. The simplest way would be to ban overnight parking on Shore Road....again a subject considered (several years ago it was proposed to ban any parking on Shore Road in the High Season, for pedestrian safety among other reasons. It was banned when the beach was recharged about 8 (?)years ago.

The idea of turning a TC parking lot into a site for overnight camping is beset with problems, the first of which is the need for an Elsan and SITA dumpsters for waste; then what stops anyone from 'moving in' and staying - and of course it would be a magnet for travelers. It would need security, sanitation and waste, the cost of which would be borne by STC. Meanwhile those commercial sites in the Purbeck region would have unfair competiton from the very council to whom it pays rates. The problems are endless. Why not support local rate paying caravan sites (our neighbours) and tell our visitors to use them?

I see where you are coming from...on a trip to the US I noticed that huge Walmart car parks seemed to have a dozens or two camper vans (more camper buses) parked there as guests for free...I guess the rationale being that these visitors will use WalMart for its purchases. But space there is abundant and these mobile behemoths looked quite self-contained.....I would think the waste holding tanks could accommondate a week or more's 'supply' and are pumped out at registered camping sites.

David Furmage said...

So what if I was to float a floating house out into the bay , anchor it down , come to shore everyday to empty my toilet waste in the public toilets and put my rubbish in bins. Is that ok I wonder?

Ban overnight parking , would this mean for everyone or just camper vans? And if no parking has been done before do it again. The seafront is a hazard in summer when cars are parked along it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Okay, a hate campaign against camper vans and yachts really because they don't pay for the use of 'facilities', (what facilities). However, they don't make noise, unlikely to run someone down like the noisy inconsiderate water bikes, who charge round and round the Bay polluting the peace and quiet and rocking any other user of the water.