Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mowlem: what's on?

“The Avengers” in only its third week on general release whilst nationally it is already highest grossing film this year. The certificate is 12A and we have it until Thursday 24th May 2012 (apart from Wednesday 23rd) at 7:30 p.m.. There is also a matinee at 2:30 p.m. On Monday 14th. Cinema seats are still only £5.50 Adult, £4.50 Concession and £4.00 Children.

The recent films have been so successful that from 1st April to date we have taken more in film receipts than April. May, June and July together in 2011.

On Wednesday 23rd May we have “Born in the Gardens” 7:30 p.m., tickets £10 and £9.

Set in an ageing mock- Tudor house in Bristol in 1979, Maud and her stay- at- home son, Mo, pass their days happily together. He talks to the cat, plays his drums and concocts ridiculous cocktails for them both while she sits chatting away to the people on the telly. No amount of coaxing from Maud's suave elder son, Hedley, and Mo's glamorous twin sister, Queenie, will persuade the eccentric pair to lead a more normal life – even the “Michael wave” is a gadget too far and part of a world neither wishes to inhabit.

This is a story set when new technology, business morality and social patterns were changing the nation's behaviour… master playwright, Peter Nichols, reveals in his hilarious and deeply touching play that change is not always for the best and that opening the cage door does not necessarily imply an escape.

On Friday 25th May we have “The Cabinet Maker's Daughter” 7:30 p.m., tickets £11:00 and £9:50.

19th Century Fossil Hunter, Mary Anning, in the last days of her life and increasingly dependent on laudanum, battles to complete the presentation of one last fossil, that will rock the world. Into this frenzy bursts life-long friend, collector and artist Henry de la Beche. Henry’s arrival awakens emotions that Mary thought long buried. He has extraordinary news that Mary seems unable to grasp; together they embark on a strange journey back through her life, partly dream, partly memory revisiting amalgams of places, events, dinosaurs, and people long gone. Through it all is her enigmatic relationship with Henry; can Mary find resolution and peace? A play about frustration and achievement; dreams and memories - long, long ago.

The Mowlem Theatre


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, have become adept enough to run the preverbial piss up in brewery then?

David Bale said...

No mention of the multiple cancellations of shows then? Or quarter full rainy day bank holiday screenings.

I'm surprised by this article.

I thought it would just say 'f*** all'.

Anonymous said...

Give them time David.