Friday, May 04, 2012

Keep Purbeck Special

Keep Purbeck Special - show your support!

Your support is needed at the Independent Examination into the Purbeck Core Strategy. The Hearings start on 8th May and will take place at Westport House.

The schedule of hearings is as follows ....

Tues 8th May 10.00   Matter 1 - Basis for the overall approach of the Development Plan Document
Tues 8th May 14.00   Matter 2 - General Location of Development
                                     Matter 3 - Accessibility and Transport
Wed 9th May 10.00    Matter 4 - Housing and Housing Supply
Wed 9th May  14.00   Matter 5 - Affordable Housing and gypsies and travellers
                                      Matter 6 - Employment
Thurs 10th May 10.00  Matter 7 - Retail Policies
                                      Matter 8 - Community Facilities
                                      Matter 9 - Green Infrastructure, Recreation and Sports Facilities
Thur 10th May 14.00   Matter 10 - Countryside
                                      Matter 11 - Biodiversity and Geodiversity
Tues 15th May 10.00  Matter 12 - NorthWest Purbeck
                                      Matter 13  NE Purbeck
Tues 15th May 14.00  Matter 14 - Central Purbeck
Wed 16th May 14.00   Matter 16 - S E Purbeck Purbeck (includes Swanage)
Thur 17th May 10.00   Matter 17 - Flood risk, groundwater protevction, coastal erosion
                                      Matter 18 - Design, Sustainable Design and Renewable energy
                                      Matter 19 - Landscape, Historic Environment and Heritage
                                      Matter 20 - Tourist Accommodation and Attractions

Please note that only those organisations and individuals already named may speak at the Examination but the hearings are open to the public and your presence will indicate to the Inspector the strength of local opinion.

Further details can be found on this link


David Furmage said...

Come in line with the rest of Europe and look at our cycling network might be an idea perhaps.

Anonymous said...

After the French election results, Europe may not be able to pump up its bike tyres!

Anonymous said...

Lots of Police outside station early this morning any idea what was going on ?

Anonymous said...

It's a police station

David Furmage said...

Drug busts on certain take aways in Swanage . That's what they were up too.