Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Purbeck Housing Register

Purbeck Housing Register – Time’s running out to renew

Purbeck District Council is putting out a final reminder to all Housing Register applicants who’ve not yet completed a new renewal form. In January, everyone on the Housing Register was asked to complete the new registration form in advance of the introduction of a new computerised system.

Fiona Brown, Housing Manager at Purbeck District Council,said: “Anyone who hasn’t completed the renewal form won’t be registered on the Dorset Home Choice scheme and won’t be able to place a ‘bid’ for a property until a new application form is completed and registered. The registration process can take up to 20 working days. “Any renewal application received after 18 July will be dated from the date it is received unless there are exceptional circumstances to explain the late return. This means you could lose time accrued on the housing register. “We urge people to renew their application now and save time and disappointment in the future.Fiona concluded: “We hope people will realise the importance of re- registering by 18 July.”

Forms can be completed online atwww.dorsethomechoice.org. Applicants are advised to save the form regularly as it will 'time out' after approximately 30 minutes of inactivity. Alternatively, they can contact the Housing Needs Team on 01929 557370.


Anonymous said...

Tales of many single people sharing houses,to be able to afford the expensive buy to let properties. They have local key jobs and support the community of Swanage. Very few of these youngsters are signed up for social housing. They are doing their best to be independent, but are quickly realising that the housing situation for young families is impossible.

Affordable self build housing on exception sites could be the answer. Many young people would like to take responsibility for building their own homes. The land could remain affordable in perpetuity. If Swanage is to remain sustainable into the future, then there is an urgency to do something for the key workers in Swanage.

David Furmage said...

I would love to build a house so that I could live with my baby daughter and girlfriend. If this came up it would be such a great idea:)

David Furmage said...

Thing is here the system is wrong , if you bid for a house and don't take it because if it's too small or not in the area you want you get your band deducted of your case. Though there are wanting people to downsize to free up big house , though some people in these houses are demanding that they are not moving till they get what they want. And don't have anything deducted Of your case. Not a fair system. Also having to move miles out the area to get a bigger house In the area you are in already seems alot of hassle , what with having to move is a hassle it itself. Though I agree with the first poster that the housing is a problem for young families in town.

Anonymous said...

The present housing situation is unsustainable !!

what about a high tax for having a second home in these parts! The additional tax could be reinvested into providing suitable land for 100% affordable/self build housing.

Before too long will all market housing belong to the rich, retired or second home owners? whilst young families with local jobs, be squeezed into muliti sharing, high rented properties, living with parents or be homeless.

Well done to those who jumped onto the affordable market housing ladder a few years ago, those times have gone. In the past, an average income could buy a house in Swanage. Today,the majority of families, working locally, cannot afford local housing.It's these very people that support the local economy and keep Swanage going. They are the key workers.

The present housing situation is unsustainable.
How can it be right that the majority of local housing has become unaffordable for the very people that sustain this community. The situation is hopeless and will only get worse. There will be far too many people to join the social housing list. They could be waiting a lifetime.

This is an urgent problem that needs sorting out, enough time has been spent sitting around tables, action needs to be taken.

Can we ask that Swanage Council assess the real local housing need and take on the responsibility of the local list. Face to face conversations could be had,to resolve some of the housing issues. This would produce a more accurate picture of the problem.

David Furmage said...

Oh this just getS better , so for the last year and a half Purbeck Housing or whoever is in charge have kept a family apart. So now for this family to get a bigger house in Swanage they must move to Wareham. And they must be living in that house a year before they can exchange back to Swanage. Though there are bigger houses to exchange into. Plus they been told that no money is available to put extension on house and this would take years to getting it rolling , though the council have money to build 900 homes in Swanage. Oh and they family now are moving all their kids out of schools in Swanage to Wareham.

So am I missing something here ?

Anonymous said...

'So am I missing something here ?'

Well, I don't know, because I don't understand the problems you face. I can speak only for myself. You see, I was a chump who played by the rules, rented a flat while I worked to save up a deposit to buy a house, got married, moved to a bigger rented flat when the first child came along, worked harder to pay for it and save for a downpayment on a home.....finally bought a home in 1986 in which we raised three kids, added on to it as the kids grew, and managed to trade to a bungalow when we became empty nesters, having kept at my job and paring off the mortgage in 25 years. The trade down has allowed us to retire at 60, which will happen in a month. It has been a struggle; there were painful moments, moments of doubt and moments of despair, but we kept our heads down and we got on with it. And we kept our dignity and our self respect.

So....what did we do wrong? I sense those of us who have played by the rules...and I admit, it is probably harder now than it was 30 years ago, which is why we are helping our children get on the ladder - but we are surviving in the jungle.

Dave Furmage - I expect that I would enjoy sharing a pint with you to discuss the two different worlds we occupy. I suspect we share a common interest in doing the best for our kids that we can in this imperfect world. I just think...we occupy different worlds...I come from a council house background.....but I had instilled in me a desire to be proud in whatever I can achieve. Anyway...look after your kiddies...
that is what counts. The world is not a free ride, and those who seek to get by by gaming the system will ultimately be disappointed. I promise you that.

But...good luck to you...I mean that.

David Furmage said...

I too worked hard and brought a house though this was in Scotland and it was a damn sight cheaper than it is here for sure. Though family commitments brought me back to the town where I grew up. Then my boys moved down to be with me. I rented a flat and did not bother with housing list as I kind of knew it was a farce. Though the tenacy came to a end a my current girlfriend was expecting our child. So cut along story short I live with my mum and my girlfriend lives with her kids. I work , she does not as she is a carer to her daughter and now mine too. Wont go into that different story. We did write to 2 well known councillors Though we did even recieve any replies at all. And these are people who go on about their big society and that locals who work , raise kids in Swanage will be heard. Who are they trying to kid:(

Thing is we have looked at all the options and they way I look at it is and it's an option I certainly do not agree with and that's to go on the dole and have everything payed for by the government. Though I don't think I could ever do this. Though maybe I just thought there's a way round this. Get hooked on crack , become an alcoholic and I hear you get everything. Though not really a way to bring up kids. And that's all I want is for us to be together as a family like these conservatives keep going on about , but it seems the system is wrong.

Oh thank you for your kind words and I appreciate that alot.