Thursday, May 10, 2012

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Anonymous said...


Does Swanage have a thriving High Street and how does it compare with other High Streets in England?
Are the pubs, shops and restaurants better, are the churches well supported, does the Town Hall do a good job, do people drive and cycle carefully,is there less antisocial behaviour?

The Postman said...

Think this is too wide a subject to post

Anonymous said...

No it doesn't have a thriving high street, but that is because it is easier to make money converting somewhere into flats and renting/selling than it is to run a decent shop/restaurant/bar etc.

Some of the pubs we have are good, some not so, same with restuarants and shops.

Churches are an irrelevence in todays society, as is religion.

What job does the Town Hall do? And those working within it?

People drive and cycle carefully (except the cyclists who won't ride single file) but pedestrians seem to leave their brains at home.

Anti social behaviour exists, but it isn't exclusive to Swanage.

Anonymous said...


Do the pubs in Swanage offer good value for money?

Anonymous said...

Some of the pubs we have are good, some not so, same with restuarants and shops.
Good point.

Churches are an irrelevence in todays society, as is religion

Ouch dodgy subject lol sky pixes are always a problem

What job does the Town Hall do? And those working within it

We have a town hall ??

People drive and cycle carefully (except the cyclists who won't ride single file) but pedestrians seem to leave their brains at home.
Great point especially the mad pedestrians.

Anti social behaviour exists, but it isn't exclusive to Swanage

Great point again. Did I write this? :)

Seeview said...

Swanage High Street.

Too many charity shops in prime positions.The fact that they don't have to pay business rates or wages and get their stock for free means they can afford to pay unrealistically high rents,so landlords are happy.Which means that new businesses either have very high start-up costs or more often try and make a go of it in a less central and desirable location(given that once a charity shop's in a premises they never seem to leave).

That is one of the major causes for the decline of the high street throughout the UK.

David Furmage said...

Freedom of information request to DCC.

Anonymous said...


Which is the best village or church hall or committee room for a society to meet in Purbeck?

Anonymous said...

get the list from Town Hall

Anonymous said...


Wilts and Dorset have produced their summer leaflet about the Purbeck Breezer services for routes 40 and 50. Where is the full summer timetable? Last year the bus companies did not include the X43 service from Swanage to Weymouth until after the service had started. The Durlston service is due to start on 27th May and there is still no information for the public.

Anonymous said...

Swanage Methodist Church Hall is a good one with decent amount of space. Already used by lots of community groups. All Saints is smaller but is nice and modern and URC have severall smaller roms for community use.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the question is asked by someone with absolutely no knowledge of Swanage and I wonder what their motive is. Why have they not looked at the statistics? Are things better than what, where or when? Do they mean the Town Council, the District or the County Council? What constitutes a good job bearing in mind that most people seem to be conditioned to expect every statement about a council to be a criticism. If they could clarify what they need to know, whether this has gone to other locations and what it is asked for we can give sensible answers although shops and restaurants can only be well supported if their customers have money to spend and that is problematic everywhere in europe at the monent.

Anonymous said...

Oil Rig In Swanage Bay?

Does anyone know what that 4 legged rig is in the Bay?

Anonymous said...

It's Danish, presumably part of the Enco research into the sea bed and suitability of places to put pipes in.

Anonymous said...

RE: 11/5/12 6:33PM
The 'Jack-Up' Rig is being towed, see:-

Anonymous said...

The current owners of the Sea Salt have yet again reduced the asking price for the cafe/bar & restaurant. In the event that someone does actually take it over, what type of business would you like to see running in these premises? High end restaurant, Asian all you can eat buffet, grill house, community bakery? And should the name be kept or changed? What ideas do you have?

David Furmage said...

Rob Jefferies Memeorial Ride
Just to let you know there is a Memeorial Ride for our old friend Rob Jefferies who was killed whilst out on his bike near Wareham this time last year. 
I know for many of you this is irrelevant,

Its on Sunday 3rd June at 12.30 at the Sandbanks ferry. Then an easy ride to Swanage pier for light refreshments (tea, coffee, chip butty etc).

Those that wish to can return to Sandbanks, while anyone who's up for a bit more can ride to the ghost bike on the Wareham bypass. The route is: Worth Matravers, Kingston, Corfe Castle, Arne, Stoborough
and on to the A354..

Anyone is welcome to join .

Anonymous said...

Email recieved from the Mowlem. If you would like to get on thier mailing list please do contact them

There is a new newsletter in preparation but we will also now be sending out copies of press releases and other material received from Productions and also new film bookings as they are confirmed.

Due to an unexpected cancellation of one of our shows we have been able as a coup for Swanage to take “The Avengers” in only its third week on general release whilst nationally it is already highest grossing film this year. The certificate is 12A and we have it until Thursday 24th May 2012 (apart from Wednesday 23rd) at 7:30 p.m.. There is also a matinee at 2:30 p.m. On Monday 14th. Cinema seats are still only £5.50 Adult, £4.50 Concession and £4.00 Children.

The recent films have been so successful that from 1st April to date we have taken more in film receipts than April. May, June and July together in 2011.

On Wednesday 23rd May we have “Born in the Gardens” 7:30 p.m., tickets £10 and £9.
Set in an ageing mock- Tudor house in Bristol in 1979, Maud and her stay- at- home son, Mo, pass their days happily together. He talks to the cat, plays his drums and concocts ridiculous cocktails for them both while she sits chatting away to the people on the telly. No amount of coaxing from Maud's suave elder son, Hedley, and Mo's glamorous twin sister, Queenie, will persuade the eccentric pair to lead a more normal life – even the “Michael wave” is a gadget too far and part of a world neither wishes to inhabit.

This is a story set when new technology, business morality and social patterns were changing the nation's behaviour… master playwright, Peter Nichols, reveals in his hilarious and deeply touching play that change is not always for the best and that opening the cage door does not necessarily imply an escape.

On Friday 25th May we have “The Cabinet Maker's Daughter” 7:30 p.m., tickets £11:00 and £9:50.
19th Century Fossil Hunter, Mary Anning, in the last days of her life and increasingly dependent on laudanum, battles to complete the presentation of one last fossil, that will rock the world. Into this frenzy bursts life-long friend, collector and artist Henry de la Beche. Henry’s arrival awakens emotions that Mary thought long buried. He has extraordinary news that Mary seems unable to grasp; together they embark on a strange journey back through her life, partly dream, partly memory revisiting amalgams of places, events, dinosaurs, and people long gone. Through it all is her enigmatic relationship with Henry; can Mary find resolution and peace?

A play about frustration and achievement; dreams and memories - long, long ago.

The Mowlem Theatre

David Furmage said...

Shame they can't release a statement to say what an embarrassment the place is and why it's been run into the ground. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

Considering the fact that the Mowlem is a Trust for whom rate payers do not have to pay, nor is it an asset of the Town Council, then it is up to the Trust to make of it what they choose. Whether you are I like it is just our opinion...the Trust has no responsibility to please each of us. I use the Mowlem from time to time and generally enjoy it when I do, but I would not come to it if I lived some distance away. It is what it is. Like others have said, if you want to change it, get involved. But it seems that the Trust is somewhat close-minded toward new or untried ideas.

Swanage Area Senior Forum said...

'CONSERVATION IN ACTION' - next Swanage Area Senior Forum meeting 23rd May
Swanage Senior Forum is privileged to have HEATHER BELL as our guest speaker on Wednesday 23rd May. She will give a fascinating presentation showing clips from her DVDs of two local projects covering the 2005/6 Swanage Beach makeover plus the exciting story of the Durlston Castle Restoration Project which takes us on a journey showing how it was brought back to its former glory.
You may remember some of the grumblings against the idea of trying to improve our bit of coastline, and you only have to look and see what these improvements have meant for all of us today.
Durlston Country Park, National Nature Reserve and Castle, is a jewel in the Jurassic crown of our area and age or infirmity should no longer be a barrier for any of us with the exciting new improvements that have been made to give easier access for all. Durlston is a fabulous 280 acre countryside paradise, including down land, hay meadows, fascinating wildlife and flowers. It boasts stunning views, accessible walking trails and the newly renovated Durlston Castle, where there is always something different to see and do. Or you can simply sit and have a cup of tea inside or outside on the terrace and admire the view.
Come and hear and see Heather Bell and find out how it all came to pass – and be enthused to take advantage of the wonderful area in which we live.
Transport Details: Tel: - 07971 338486 or 01929 426127

Robin from Swanage said...


Does Swanage Hospital perform a useful service in Swanage? If so what action should we take to prevent it closing?

The Postman said...

Robin...before posting this as a new subject, can you provide some more information? It's been 'facing closure' for years but alwsys seems to keep on going. What's new this time?